Microsoft tracks user data on GOG, Steam etc. regardless of the privacy settings in Windows 10

Microsoft tracks user data when user play games you play on GOG, Steam etc. regardless all the privacy settings in Windows 10 and publish it online on

When a user log in to their account at xbox website and take a look at their profile, he/she will notice that a lot of information about your gaming habits is being gathered. Most of it can be seen in Achievement section. This not only includes games that you play on your Xbox One and X360 console, but also games coming from completely different distribution platforms. This happens regardless of user have Xbox app installed, subscription to Game Pass or Gaming mode settings.

Proff: (Taken from u/Egiru post)

From this, it can be seen that he played League of Legends (stand alone launcher), Witcher 1 & 2 (GOG), Yakuza 0, Darkest Dungeon, Outward, Dead Cell (Steam) and Overwatch and Destiny 2 (Blizzard Launcher). There is no account or windows privacy setting that would allow a user to disable this tracking from occurring. There is also no way to delete gathered data, outside from going nuclear and deleting Microsoft account. However it also included very old titles like Witcher 1 or indie games like Darkest Dungeon or Dead Cell.

This happens even when Xbox Game Bar is turned off but they can’t detect if the game is pirated or not!

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If you really want to disable GameBarPresenceWriter.exe permanently which might prevent Microsoft to track user data here are the steps you should follow:

  • Go to C:\Windows\System32\GameBarPresenceWriter.exe
  • Go to Properties > Security > Advanced > Change Owner
  • Enter your login name in the text box (it’s the account you sign into)
  • Ok > Apply > Ok
  • Open Properties again > Security > Edit > Administrators > Full Control [Tick] > Apply > Ok
  • Rename the GameBarPresenceWriter.exe to something like GameBarPresenceWriter2.exe
  • Reboot Windows for it to take effect


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