Microsoft may be Preparing to Reveal Xbox Series X just before E3

Xbox might reveal everything

Microsoft announced their new console Xbox series X last year. Rumor is that they might reveal all the details regarding the console price, etc probably in April 2020.

Phil Spencer head of Xbox recently blessed us with the image of what the heart of the system would look like as his twitter profile pic. Experts quickly took the image dissected every pixel of it to find more details about the system.

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While it is official at this point that the new Xbox will be the most powerful console of the next generation, the only concern that people have with it is its price. If Xbox wants to avoid last Xbox One’s disappointing release they really have to up their game this time.

The main rumor that is floating around nowadays is that Microsoft may spill all the beans before E3 to undercut PlayStation. They might finally give us a launch price and all the details regarding the console’s actual spec and features.

Making More First-Party Experiences

Phil Spencer has made it pretty obvious that Xbox will target more first-party experiences in the next console generation. They already bought so many promising studios in the last couple of years. That is indeed a clear sign that Xbox is finally back on track.

He said recently that there are already so many next-gen experiences that are being created right this moment. Xbox also seems to be working towards backward compatibility in this generation as the head of Microsoft said that there are already tons of games with backward compatibility.

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