Microsoft giving away Xbox store credits to users

To celebrate the Ultimate Game sale, Microsoft has been gifting 5 dollar Xbox store credits to some Xbox users.

Xbox Store is currently having a massive sale, with loads of games and DLC to choose from. Furthermore, it seems Microsoft is giving some Xbox users 5 dollar credits to add to the player’s excitement. Truly, a wonderful gesture by Microsoft team.

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There is no catch, just go to the message section of your Xbox. If you’re lucky you’ll see a message from Microsoft and a redeem code. Select the code and it will automatically redeem itself and add the credit to your wallet.

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Considering, this is the last big sale of this generation, this giveaway can act as an incentive to try out some games from this gen. Especially the ones we are usually hesitant to buy at a high price. Additionally, some people will be reluctant to purchase a game for this generation when the Series X is so close to home. If anyone still hasn’t got the news, Microsoft has ensured that a huge collection of titles, if not all, will be backward compatible.

In fact, this is not the first time Microsoft gave away store credits to users. During almost all sales and Christmas, Microsoft gives away Xbox store credits to its users; ranging from 5$ to even 15$.

We hope too see that, Xbox team keep up its user-friendly services and approach to gaming.

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