Microsoft Flight Simulator’s World Update 4 gives an overhaul to Europe

The newest Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update 4 gives visual overhauls to Paris and Amsterdam, in addition to 100 new landmarks across Europe.

Ever since Microsoft Flight Simulator released, the game has been getting huge free updates based on continents. Such as UK, US, Japan received increased detailed assets and landmarks to see.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator’s newest World Update 4 gives a huge makeover to Europe. The latest update in the flight simulator adds high-resolution 3D photogrammetry for Paris and Amsterdam. Furthermore, Megève, Nice, and Rotterdam airports receive a handcrafted, detailed visual overhaul. 100 more airports in the region will also be getting logistical improvements. Hence the whole of Europe will have a completely fresh and more realistic look.

Among the 100 landmarks that are to be added. The most popular ones are one-to-one recreations of the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and many more classic architecture and buildings. Furthermore, this update will allow players to play a new landing challenge at La Salette. Those who downloaded the FRBENELUX bundle will also be able to experience the supposed “awe-inducing” bush trip to the Pyrenees and the Alps.

Asobo has been doing very well with the game as they add more and more updates to Microsoft Flight Simulator, giving the game enhanced visuals and assets with their World Updates. Consequently, the game is still popular among gamers, as it maintains a steady player base.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is now one of the most successful games for Xbox, as well as Game Pass. In fact, the near-perfect simulator gained 1 million players in two weeks of its release. Of course, a huge thanks goes to its day one Game Pass release. Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming soon on Xbox Series X|S and a rumored Xbox One release.

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