Microsoft Flight Simulator rated for Xbox One by PEGI

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been rated for Xbox One by the European rating board PEGI. Giving the last-gen console owners some hope.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been PC gaming’s one of the best simulators to exist. Although due to sub-par standards the series went to a long pause for almost 10 years, 2009 to 2020. After the game was announced back in 2019 and released in 2020. Everyone was amazed by the details, visuals, and the tech Microsoft used to make this game as close to reality as possible. Such as using real-time weather, cloud servers, etc.

Consequently, the game was met with exceptional praise as it gained  1 million players in two weeks. Furthermore, Microsoft Flight Simulator released day one on Xbox Game Pass.

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On the other hand, Xbox One owners were left behind, as the game was announced to release on Xbox Series X|S. Although unfortunate, it is quite understandable as Microsoft Flight Simulator is even hard to run on max settings with even on beefy PCs.

But it seems this is going to change soon as Microsoft Flight Simulator has been rated by PEGI for the Xbox One. Suggesting that the appraised flight sim soon coming on last-gen consoles. Reviving hope for fans and owners of their beloved Xbox One consoles. Furthermore, it has a date of March 31, 2021. This is just a month’s time, so after all Xbox One owners have a new next-gen game to look forward to.

Microsoft Flight Simulator rated  Xbox One

We know that Microsoft Flight Simulator has a release window for Summer 2021. Hence, an announcement for Xbox One is likely near. It will be interesting to see how this hardware demanding title runs on underpowered last-gen consoles. Maybe a highly downgraded version will come to Xbox One or maybe a stream-only version.

We might just see a shocker with a highly optimized version of Microsoft Flight Simulator on the Xbox One. That looks beautiful and plays smooth.

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