Microsoft Flight Simulator Console Release Date And Time

Microsoft Flight Simulator finally has a next-gen console release date.

Microsoft Flight Simulator was one of the best PC games of 2020. But make no mistake, this aeroplane-flying classic is a game we all have been looking forward to playing. So the game coming to the next-gen Xbox consoles this year was something fans were craving for. It took an entire year for the Microsoft team to give us a next-gen console release date for Flight Simulator, so we all are hoping it was worth the wait.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is dropping on July 27th. It is releasing at different times for different regions, and you can check out the timings in the Tweet below. After a long-awaited year, consoles players will finally be able to fly over their favourite places and their respective homes.

It seems uncanny that the game may arrive on Xbox One consoles as the game takes a toll on the hardware system in general. Despite that, we still have confirmation that players with an active Xbox Game Pass subscription can play the game for free.

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The game has been spaced around 97GBs on both the Xbox Serie S and X. If you do not have Xbox Game Pass, don’t worry. You can still play the game by buying it for 69.99$. It was one of the best Microsoft exclusives of last year, and it is worth playing if you have an Xbox Series S or X in 2021.

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