Metroid Dread leads Amazon sales chart

Nintendo’s newly announced Metroid Dread tops Amazon UK, US, and Japan pre-order sales chart

Just like every E3, Nintendo won the hearts of gamers with their announcements. One of them being Metroid Dread. Metroid Dread is the continuation of Metroid Fusion and will see Samus in a more grim and dangerous environment. Such as being chased by killer robots, E.M.M.I.

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Although the Metroid series never was a system seller or had huge fanbases like Nintendo’s other hit franchises. It seems things will change when Metroid Dread releases. As of now, Metroid Dread currently tops Amazon’s top seller charts in various countries. Even though the game did not release yet. The gameplay trailer and announcement of the game created a newfound hype for Metroid games in general. In fact 3DS’s Metroid: Samus Returns has seen a rise in sales too.

Metroid Dread was in planning but got canceled many times in the past from the DS era. With that, the game although, existed in concept got forgotten with time. Currently, Metroid Dread’s topping the Amazon sales shows the game will be a mass hit in terms of both sales and popularity. Consequently, this amazing classic franchise will be introduced to a huge number of new gamers. A perfect warm-up for the upcoming Metroid 4.

Metroid Dread is the upcoming 2D Metroid game for the Nintendo Switch releasing ¬†October 8, 2021. The games from this series never looked better with the eye-catching visuals and animations. Metroid Dread’s top position in the Amazon sales chart is truly deserving.

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