Metroid Dread: How To Find The Charge Beam Upgrade

Here is how you can find the charged beam upgrade in Metroid Dreas easily.

Metroid Dread is the latest addition to the Nintendo Switch game library. The game takes place on planet ZDR, waiting for players to explore and find its secrets. There is much to explore and see in the game if you are careful when playing it. In fact, there are all sorts of upgrades and collectables you can find in Metroid Dead. So, we have made a guide on how to find the charge Beam upgrade in Metroid Dread.

How to find the Charge Beam Upgrade in Metroid Dread

Since this is a 2D game, we have added screenshots to help you understand how exactly you can reach the charge beam upgrade. Make sure you follow the entire path in the sequence we have shown below:

  • You should start from the location mentioned below in the screenshot.
  • Now, After that, move left and you will enter a room with a few enemies, and bottom left, below the door, destroy the fake block to open a hidden passage.
  • As you move down the hidden passage, you will see a red barricade blocking the door. Use your missile to destroy and enter the next room.
2nd Room
Credit- Nintendo
  • Moreover, after opening the barricade, head inside and defeat all the enemies inside the room. After you finish them off, slide down to get to the next room in the bottom left.
3rd Room
Credit- Nintendo
  • Now that you have reached the room containing the charge beam upgrade. Just destroy the sphere holding the upgrade and collect it.

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Charge Beam Location
Credit- Nintendo

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