Metro Exodus is finally back to Steam with a 40% discount

Metro Exodus is finally back on Steam

Metro Exodus launched exclusively on Epic store after a lot of drama with Steam. Now after some time, this game is finally back to steam with a good deal.

This game got a lot of praise from critics as 4A Games created a semi open-world feeling to Metro a game that previously thrived on linear level design. We had no idea we wanted a kind of open-ended game set in the Metro universe until we saw Metro Exodus.

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Gamers loved the post-nuclear disaster experience in Metro Exodus as the game looked absolutely amusing with ray tracing and other handfull of new exciting rendering tech. Even after all the success 4A game saw there were quite a lot of people who were mad at them for their exclusivity deal with Epic.

Looks like they eventually released it on Steam. The game already has highly positive reviews on the store regardless of the previous exclusivity situation.

There are still quite a handful of people against the idea of giving this amusing game credit based on the fact that they don’t want to further reward their behavior. The consumers, in this case, have the right to show their distrust towards 4A after all the drama.

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is if you haven’t experience Metro Exodus yet you are in luck. You should definitely give this one a try before the heavy discount goes down.

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