Metal Max Xeno Reborn: Sortie Guide

Learn all about the Sortie in Metal Max Xeno Reborn and how to utilize it effectively

Metal Max Xeno Reborn’s tank combat JRPG goes well with the Sortie featured in the game. It lets you quickly organize all your equipment, buy/sell, craft, and prepare your party members before heading on a new journey. Whereas, in most JRPGs, you have to visit two or more shops and vendors for each task. The Sortie allows you to do everything related to resources in one go, saving a lot of time.

But using the Sortie can sometimes seem confusing since the game does not have an in-depth tutorial. Especially new gamers or new JRPG players may find themselves lost in so many options and windows. Hence, we bring this guide to break down the Sortie in Metal Max Xeno Reborn, describing the different options and how to use them properly.

The Sortie is accessible from the Iron Base. To access it, interact with the Terminal in front of your vehicle line-up.

The Terminal will display three options:

Metal Max Xeno Sortie
credits: Kadokawa Games
  • Sortie Counter (for organizing and preparing party),
  • Sortie( The Shop)
  • Garage ( To upgrade and modify your vehicles).

Let’s take a detailed look at each of the three options.

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Sortie Counter

credits: Kadokawa Games

Starting with the Sortie Counter, this is the part where you manage your party members, their formation, etc., and start your journey. The UI will display your current members, their tanks, extinction counter, gold, and days survived. Select any of the mem ers, and an option will pop out to let you change their vehicles, remove them and swap them with another character.

Furthermore, select any of the members with the Equipment button to manage their equipment. It takes you to a menu where you can properly customize each teammate.

After you’re done preparations, press the blue arrow labeled “Sortie” to set out to a previously visited area from the map. You can choose to sortie asap, in the morning, or evening.

That is all there is to The Sortie Counter in Metal Max Xeno Reborn. Nothing too complex, although at first glance, it seems to be.

Sortie (Shop)

credits: Kadokawa Games

The Sortie Shop is the in-store game serving all your buying and selling needs. No need to head to different stores to buy that one time you’re looking for; everything is available here. A very convenient feature. The Sortie Shop in Metal M x Xeno offers items for your tanks, team members, and pet dogs. The Shop is divided into two sections: Handheld Supplies and Tank Supplies.

Handheld Supplies offers all the items needed for personal use by your members. This ranges from restoratives, stat-boosting items, weapons, and armor. Additionally, the Handheld supplies section also sells all types of items for your dogs, including weapons and armor

Tank Supplies sells everything needed to make your Tank an indestructible powerhouse. Buy Cannons which are the primary weapon of your vehicle, Machine Guns which are the secondary weapons to clear out smaller enemies quickly, and Engines that increase the performance of your vehicles.

Also, Sortie Store sells Special Equipment and Trait Chips. Special Equipment these are special weapons that deal the most damage but are also the heaviest and have less ammo capacity. Nevertheless, they can change the tide of battle in an instant. Finally, Trait Chips are special installable items that give your Tank extra skills or traits. Such as more speed, attack power, increased chances of critical hits, firing multiple shots at once, etc.


credits: Kadokawa Games

Finally, coming to the Garage, it is the most important section of the Sortie in Metal Max Xeno and the one you should be using the most. Without proper use, your Tank and weapons cannot survive for too long on the battlefield. Especially after you’ve progressed a bit into the game.

The Garage lets you upgrade your weapons and vehicles and craft new weapons. Hence, this section is further divided into three sub-sections: i) Weapon Modification, ii) Vehicle Modification iii) Weapon Manufacturing.

Weapon Modification:

Metal Max Xeno Sortie
credits: Kadokawa Games

Here you can upgrade all your weapons and other equipment. This means you can enhance your Tank Cannons, Machine Guns, Special Equipment, and Engines. Basically, everything that is used in combat. You can upgrade your weapons in various ways. These are:

  • Enhance: Increases durability at the cost of weight.
  • Reduce Weight: Decreases weight at the cost of durability
  • Reinforce: Enhances weapon stats making them powerful and easier to use. This includes but is not limited to Attack Power, Range, and Affinity.
  • Restore: Restores all upgrades and changes done to any of your weapons. It gives you a clean slate to work with again.

Vehicle Modification:

Metal Max Xeno Sortie
credits: Kadokawa Games

This section lets you upgrade and organize your tanks in all sorts of ways, offering a lot of customizability. Hence, here is everything you can do in the Vehicle Modification section:

  • Port Modification: Equip weapons to any of the five ports of your Tank.
  • Socket Modification: Equip Trait Chips on your Tank’s sockets. Give your Tank an extra boost in stats.
  • Chassis Modification: Reinforce and Reduce Weight of your vehicles. Reinforcing increases Chassis’ defense and Armor Tile SP, and it also increases weight. Reduce Weight allows you to decrease gross weight but at the cost of decreased defense. Reducing weight also increases SP. Like weapons, you can also restore vehicle modifications using the Restore option.

Weapon Manufacturing

Weapons Manufacturing is the most straightforward section in the Garage Sortie in Metal Max Xeno Reborn. As the name suggests, you manufacture all types of weapons here, given you have the required materials and funds.

To craft a weapon, procure all the required items, and check for it in the menu. If the name is in white, it is craftable. Otherwise, if any of the names are in red, you lack either any of the material or money.

Crafting is essential in this game, so always explore and gather as much as possible while embarking on a new mission. The Material Details option can aid you in this regard.

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