Metacritic Removed 6,400 Negative Death Stranding User Ratings Overnight

Death Stranding is one of the most polarising games released in 2019. Reviews of this game range from really good to waste of money.

In Metacritic, this game gets around 200 positive ratings and 250 negative ones almost every day. Critics praised this game for creating a new genre of game and incredible storytelling. On the other hand, many gamers are calling this game nothing but a glorified walking simulator.

With this mixture of reviews, On launch day, the game’s user score was around 6.2. Steadily, the score had been decreasing in the last couple of weeks as more negative ratings were submitted daily. After all the fuss last night Metacritic erased around 6000 user scores. Which boosted the overall review score by a lot.

Current Score:

Changes between yesterday (12/4) and today (12/5)—

Total: 18,225 -> 11,878 (-6,347)

Positive: 8,368 -> 8,446 (+78)

Mixed: 522 -> 526 (+4)

Negative: 9,335 -> 2,906 (-6,429)

Death Stranding review score
Death Stranding review score

After removing all those negative user scores the overall score is 7.4. In Metacritic user score is not that reliable because you can’t tell if the person has played the game or not. Unlike in steam reviews, you can directly see how many hours the player has played the game.

Metacritic’s user score suffers a lot from early biased reactionary reviews. So, Metacritic took all those negative scores down. Now the game sits around a healthy user score. Kojima should get all the praise that he deserves. Kojima now plans on creating a new horror game. He also talked about a possible sequel to the game in a recent interview.

Death Stranding 2

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