MercenarieZ reclaim their South Asia Nationals crown in Stage 2

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: MercenarieZ

In an exciting rematch of the two great rivals in South Asia, MercenarieZ came out on top again against Union Gaming in stage 2 of the South Asia Nationals closed qualifiers. MercenarieZ beat Union Gaming with a scoreline of 3-1 in a best of five series, defending their tag as the South Asia Nationals Champion.

The South Asia Nationals: stage 2 started on October 23rd, with all the games played in three days. The former champions, MrcZ looked the strongest in this tournament as they hadn’t lost a single map through their road to the grand finals. On the other hand, UG had a very shaky start, as they were almost taken out from the tournament in the LB round 2 by KIRA E-Sports. However, they managed to climb their way back to the finals, as well as qualify for the November Six Major.

Coming from the upper bracket, MrcZ already had a one map advantage against UG in the Grand Finals. And this lead was extended with MrcZ winning 7-4 on Oregon, but UG attempted to make another comeback as they took a 7-4 victory on Clubhouse, leading to a 2-1 overall score.

In the next map of Theme Park, UG took an early 4-2 lead on defense, but MrcZ came back on their defensive half to go to overtime and take the map 8-6, ending the game with a 3-1 victory and with a map left. You can find the Grand Finals stats over here.

MercenarieZ will be taking home the $4000 winners prize, but they will have more to show in the upcoming Major. Union Gaming has qualified for the November Six Major and they will try their best to grab the important SI points which are on the line and qualify for the Six Invitational 2021. And MrcZ will have to prove themselves by defeating UG once again, but this time in the Major tournament.

The November Six Major will kick off with the LATAM region on October 30th, and for APAC region it’ll start exactly after 30 days on November 25th.

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