Melusi’s gadget has an invisible hitbox bug as shown by DansomeWoja

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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(Image: Ubisoft)

Rainbow Six Siege recently released their Year 5 Season 2 update Operation Steel Wave. The new season adds two new operators to the line up: Ace and Melusi.

Ace, the new hard breacher, has been very well received by the community as he is very fun to play and not that frustrating for the defenders. On the other hand, Melusi has been a hot topic since the new season launched.

Melusi is considered to be the new oppressive defender and her banshee gadget has been the source of frustrations for the attackers. And if you thought Melusi was irritating enough, check out what DansomeWoja found out with the gadget.

While Coconut Brah and DansomeWoja were trying to record new tips and tricks video, they found out that Melusi’s banshee device has an invisible hitbox around its edges. This means it’ll block bullets around the edges even if the head is completely visible.

This exploit can currently be used in-game, acting similarly like a mini Mira window, which players can use to get an unfair advantage.

DansomeWoja has already reported this exploit to r6fix and currently, it has been acknowledged by the Ubisoft support team. The bulletproof banshee device’s hitbox extends too much and as this is easy to reproduce, hopefully, the devs will be able to mitigate the bug quickly.

Melusi has a high ban rate in ranked so far and it’ll be interesting to see how the devs balance her in the future. The only information we know is that in Y5S2.1 update, her gadget’s penalty zone will be lowered by approximately 33%. Also the sound of the Banshee effect in the first person POV will be reduced.

But will that be enough to bring balance to this new operator? We will surely find out in the future.

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