Meet Your Maker: Best Weapons

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Meet Your Maker: Best Weapons

Learn about the best weapons in Meet Your Maker your money can buy.

Meet Your Maker is a first-person shooter video game that will make you question your aim and reflexes. The game’s stunning graphics and immersive sound design give a gritty, urban environment to the futuristic, sci-fi landscapes. Needless to say, Meet Your Maker will have you fully immersed in the action.

You will have access to a wide range of weapons, from classic rifles and pistols to futuristic energy weapons. As you progress through the game, you can unlock new weapons and upgrade your existing ones, making you a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

But it’s not just about the weapons in Meet Your Maker—you’ll also need to use your wits and tactical skills to outsmart your opponents. With multiple game modes, including Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag, you’ll need to work with your teammates to come out on top.

However, in this guide, we will showcase the best weapons worth the bucks in Meet Your Maker. Without further ado, hop in!

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Best Weapons in Meet Your Maker

If you want to conquer enemy bases and survive the harsh world of Meet Your Maker, you will need more than just luck and a prayer. And you will need the right weapons. Luckily, Meet Your Maker offers players various weapons, each with unique strengths and weaknesses that cater to different playstyles. Whether you prefer to strike from a distance or get up close and personal, there’s a weapon for you. Let’s take a closer look.

best weapons meet your maker
Meet Your Maker offers players a variety of weapons to choose from

There are five weapons in total, and each one offers something special. The Ranged Weapons are great for keeping your distance from enemies. On the contrary, Melee Weapons are ideal for up-close combat.

To make the most out of your weapons, you’ll need to carefully strategize and build the right loadout for each mission. With the right weapons and some skill, you’ll be well on your way to dominating the enemy and making your mark on the world of Meet Your Maker. Let’s get into the depth of these weapons.

Best Weapon Tier List

Here’s a quick overview of the weapons in Meet Your Maker:

S-Tier (Best)Volt Lancer, Sledgeblade
A-Tier (Good)Arc Barrier, Fury’s Edge
B-Tier (Average)Falconic Plasmabow
Best Weapon Tier List in Meet your maker


Volt Lancer

If you’re looking to zap your enemies from a safe distance, the Volt Lancer is the way to go in Meet Your Maker. This weapon may have fewer shots than the Falconic Plasmabow, but it has a trick up its sleeve: the power to destroy traps.

Let’s face it, what’s more satisfying than ruining your enemies’ plans before they even have a chance to execute them? With upgrades to shot capacity and reload time, the Volt Lancer is the sturdiest and most reliable ranged weapon in the game. Plus, since you can retrieve your shots, there’s no need to worry about running out of ammo. So, if you want to give your enemies a shocking surprise, grab a Volt Lancer and get ready to light up the battlefield.


the Sledgeblade is like the beefed-up version of Fury’s Edge, making up for its lack of speed with the ability to break armor. This is particularly useful for taking down heavily armored guards, ensuring you can deliver a crushing blow.

However, Sledgeblade doesn’t have the ability to block projectiles. Apart from that, with upgrades to increase attack speed, the Sledgeblade can go head-to-head with Fury’s Edge and still come out on top. Just be prepared to adjust your timing for the weapon’s longer swing delay or risk ending up flat on your back.


Arc Barrier

The Arc Barrier might be just the tool you need in Meet Your Maker for a defensive strategy. As a shield, it can block practically anything thrown at you, including pesky explosives. However, having two weapons for an offensive position is better than relying solely on defense.

The barrier takes a little under 10 seconds to recharge, so be prepared to slow down a bit. It can come in handy in certain situations, especially when traps have only one activation. Don’t rely too much on it, or you might find yourself in a shocking situation.

Fury’s Edge

Fury’s Edge is a weapon that values speed over power, letting you attack rapidly. It’s quite handy that it can block projectiles. However, I would still suggest using the Arc Barrier or dodging in the event for defense. Unfortunately, it can’t break armor, so you’ll have to aim your swings at unguarded areas on your enemies.


Falconic Plasmabow

The Falconic Plasmabow is the way to go, with its speedy firing and generous ammo reserves to take down guards in Meet Your Maker. However, there is absolutely no need to get hopeful about this. This weapon is incapable of destroying traps, rendering it somewhat less useful on certain levels. It’s like having a fancy sports car that can’t handle a pothole-ridden road. Sure, it’s great in the right circumstances, but you’ll wish you had something more reliable when faced with obstacles.

And that is all I had for the best weapons in Meet Your Maker. Hope to come back with more from Meet Your Maker!

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