Be a better Siege player with Rainbow Six Siege’s new Gameplan

Gameplan to take over R6 Academy.

Rainbow Six Siege has been one of the longest-running FPS games by Ubisoft with over 55 million players registered. Every day new players are joining this fast-changing tactical game. But for beginners, it can be really difficult to get a grasp of the various maps and operators available in Siege.

So Siege’s new Gameplan will try to mitigate these problems for beginning players by categorizing quality and useful videos in Ubisoft’s new web ecosystem.

R6 Academy offered similar service for players, but now Ubisoft decided to give it a new home and transfer most of its content to Gameplan.

“Along with a simpler and refreshed interface, content creators will also benefit from a -new video delivery system. Videos in the Gameplan ecosystem will be featured directly in the Rainbow Six Siege game client and be a part of suggested videos to players subscribed to email updates,” described Ubisoft on their website.

You can easily filter the top YouTube help videos selected by the community and our team using Gameplan categories. We setup the following main categories for the current state of the game:

You can also use Google Assistant to quickly launch Gameplan with your phone by simply saying “Hey Google, Launch Gameplan”, although you have to set up the action first. But do players really want to do this while they are in-game? Well, at least you will have the choice now.

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So if you are a content creator then submit your video to get a chance in getting featured in Ubisoft’s Website.


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