Mass Effect Legendary Edition ratings appear on Korean board.

Rumor for a remastered Mass Effect Legendary Edition is going strong once again after the games listing appears on Korean rating board.

Bioware’s Mass Effect remastered is all but official. After a couple of strong rumors and leaks, Mass Effect Legendary Edition appears on the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea. Hence, the game is now on the spotlight once more.

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Even though, the title is listed as Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Not some placeholder name. EA has denied any claims that a remaster of the classic RPG is in the works. Moreover, EA and Bioware have emphasized that they are working on new IPs and games. But according to the rumors and rating board, it seems the game will be coming in early 2021.

Mass Effect 3

Bioware known for making great titles over the years has been going through tough times. Especially in this generation, with consecutive games being underwhelming and disheartening. Therefore, the studio has lost a lot of trust since then. If a Mass Effect Legendary edition is imminent, it will potentially boost the studio’s reputation and trust once more. Will, they finally put the disasters of Mass Effect Andromeda and Anthem with this trilogy?

If it works, this will surely turn everyone’s head towards Bioware. Moreover, will be easily able to hype the new generation of gamers when they release newer titles.

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