Marvel’s Midnight Suns Nico Best Build

Here are the best cards and builds you should choose for Nico in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns has a long list of characters contributing to the epic turned-based game. This Marvel game introduces a new storyline in the Marvel Universe filled with witches and demons. Nico is a witch who will be on your side, helping you bring down everything in your path to save the world.

Nico Minoru has an exciting set of cards that include healing, buffing, and reducing the cost of Heroism. However, if you are confused about the deck and which cards go best in her deck. Below we have made a complete guide on the Best build for Nico.

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Best Nico Build

Nico is one of the most remarkable hero characters available to play with in Marvel’s Midnight Suns game. Her unpredictability means that she will not exert complete control over the battlefield. However, you will enjoy playing the game with her character due to her sheer power. You can maximize her potential by using her on the battlefield. In fact, with powerful characters such as Captain Marvel or Iron Man, she can be more powerful along with her unpredictable nature. 

Best Midnight Suns Nico Deck

  • Swarm
  • Witchfire
  • Blood Magic
  • Blood for Blood
  • Restore
  • Swarm
  • Double Up
  • Blood for Blood

Swarm is a primary attack that could be a good option at the start of the turn. It deals random damage values to an enemy, and you might clear up strong enemies. Even if you cannot defeat strong enemies, it generates Heroism that can be extremely useful for your paired heroes with Nico.

Nico is marked as the second-best healer after Hunter on the Lightpath. In fact, Blood for Blood is more of an enhanced version of Swarm. It has special effects, such as healing Nico or a random ally, when you KO an opponent with the attack. You should select your targets carefully to ensure you can apply the remarkable ability to heal your hero characters and KO your opponents.

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You can consider using Witchfire if you don’t like targeting specific enemies. The attack selects a random opponent and might trigger if KOed. It is a valuable attack in combination with another character that deals chain damage to the opponent, such as the Blade character. This combination can eliminate large groups of enemies.

Restore and Double Up are other deck cards that can support your hero team. However, Restore should be the last resort as it applies the Exhaust condition to Nico.

Best Teammates

In conclusion, Nico is one of the best supports in Midnight Suns. She has good cards which can heal, and you can rely on her to increase your party member’s Heroism and even give you buffs. While you pair Nico with teammates, remember to include her with characters that require Heroism instead of characters that produce more Heroism.

Nico’s high-cost cards usually give a lot of buffs and do a lot of damage. Plus, you can use her Empower card to reduce Her Heroism cost to zero and play different kinds of Heroic cards in one turn. You can include a Tank like Captain America, or Wolverine will be a good pair with Nico. Along with a tank, you can consist of a damage dealer like Iron Man, Captain Marvel, and Spider-Man to get a perfect balance in your team.

Apart from getting to know the best build for Nico, if you are wondering how many characters there are in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. We have made a complete guide on all the characters and what each has to offer. You can check it out here All Playable Characters In Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

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