Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Blade Best Build

Below we have added a list of all the best cards that you should upgrade for Blade in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns have different characters, each with unique cards and abilities. You will also learn that using each character, you will have to use a different tactic to win in battle. Each character’s card can also be upgraded to do more damage and become more powerful in battle.

Moving on to Blade, one of the most powerful attacker characters in Midnight Suns. He will help you bring down enemies and give your squad some vampire abilities. And if you are wondering what the best cards you should choose while playing as Blade and the best teammates to pair him with, do not worry, as we have made a complete guide tailor-made for you.

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Blade Best Build

Adapted from the famous Trilogy, Blade is an iconic character, and his presence alone makes the game more interesting. Blade plays the waiting game as he does damage over time with his unique abilities that can make an enemy bleed. He is an excellent option if you want to take down big enemies quickly.

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Best Blade Deck

  • Quick Strike
  • Strike
  • Relentless
  • Reaper
  • Make ’em Bleed
  • Daywalker
  • The Hunger
  • Stake

The best part about Blade is his ability to make enemies bleed and do more damage over time. So the Make em Bleed card is a must-use in battle since it allows you to draw two cards and adds bleed to his next attacks. Moreover, you can add up Daywalker and Strike to make a chain attack and inflict everyone in a group with bleed.

Blade is also great against tank characters with a lot of health, thanks to his The Hunger card. You can use this card to apply bleed to marked enemies and heal Blade. The entire build around Blade depends on his ability to make enemies bleed. Furthermore, if you are looking to finish off an enemy with a good amount of damage, Reaper is the best option.

Reaper consumes all the Bleed stack-up damage on an opponent and deals all of them at once. He will also get Strengthened if you manage to KO an opponent. Lastly, another helpful card with him is Stake, which allows him to steal health from enemies and heal himself.

Best Teammates

Blade is one of the best attackers in the game and excels at taking down large enemies. However, it takes time for him to take down enemies, so you will have to keep him alive for as long as possible. So keeping a tank like Wolverine, Hulk, and Captain Marvel, who can distract and taunt enemies, is essential.

Wolverine’s can do this and will help you keep the team alive for many turns. On the other hand, Hulk also uses a similar tactic of taunting enemies and healing himself, but he cannot stay alive for long as Wolverine. Captain Marvel can do both offense and defense, so all these characters provide the stage for Blade to be alive and kicking in battle. You should also add healers or supports like Hunter or Nico, who will heal him, or he might die early.

Hunter on the Light path is the best healer, and Nico is the second-best healer in the game. Hence you will need them to heal your squad and give buffs to launch heavy attacks. The biggest challenge when using Blade is keeping him alive to get that sweet bleed damage and stack it up with each round. So, as long as you use your healers and tanks to give him cover and heal, he should be good to get you over the line.

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