Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Best Build For The Hulk

Are confused about what cards to use for Hulk? We have your back.

A Marvel game without the power-packed Hulk sounds like an action movie without any action in it. As expected, Hulk is a power-packed character who can act as a tank in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. This new Marvel game from 2K has a lot of different characters, and each character has different cards that you can use to get an edge over your opponents.

Hulk is one of the most powerful characters in Marvel’s comics. Players will first have to face him as an enemy, and they will be able to use him once they have defeated the Fallen Hulk. Even though you will be able to unlock him towards the end of the game, he still packs a punch when you need him. Moreover, if you want to know the best build for Hulk in Midnight Suns. Below we have made a complete guide explaining the best deck and the best teammates for him.

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Best Build for Hulk

Bringing his chaos along with him, Hulk will join your journey of defeating Demons in Midnight Suns. Hulk is one of the best tanky DPS characters in the game, so by using him, you can help your attackers deal damage and also soak up damage so that your teammates can survive a little longer on the battlefield. Lets check out the best cards you should use while playing with him.

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Best Deck

  • Smash+
  • Smash+
  • Crush+
  • Crush+
  • Seismic Slam+
  • Worldbreaker+
  • Always Angry+
  • Challenging Roar+

Using Hulk, your strategy must be using his Rage to the fullest by raising it to the max during the battle. It is a passive ability of Hulk that increases every time you use the card Smash or take damage. In fact, as your Rage increases, Hulk’s offense will also increase and deal more damage. Even though your Rage will decrease if you perform a Heroic card, it is an important passive ability that can be the thin line between winning and losing if used carefully.

To bring up Hulk’s Rage, you can use two ways, and one would be to use Smash every turn. The other way would be to use Challenging Roar to trigger enemies to damage you to gain damage and Rage. Hulk also has a few good attacks, like Seismic Slam when enemies are closed together and Rampage when they are far apart. Lastly, when increasing your Rage by taking damage, you should remember to increase your HP using Always Angry.

This card will give you an emergency heal without the need for your healer to waste a card. The only downside of this card is that it will consume all the Rage you have built up, so only use this as a last resort. Hulk’s best card is World Breaker, which launches a devasting attack and can clear out all enemies in one go. Although it does cost 6 Heroism to play it, the amount of chaos it causes is worth it.

Best Teammates

Hulk is a character you will have to keep alive and increase his Rage by using his Smash card repeatedly. So picking a character who can play the last card or draw a hero card is essential. Among other characters, Doctor Strange can play a card like this. He can also boost Hulk’s attacks and his abilities to deal more damage.

Apart from Doctor Strange, Nico is also a good character if you want to create a build full of counterattacks. You can use Nico to heal Hulk and build up your Rage by taunting enemies into attacking Hulk. Then go for a solid counterattack to wipe them all out using World Breaker.

Another character that would go great with Hulk is Scarlet Witch. Apart from being one of the best characters, she has a unique ability that allows her to become more powerful as the battle continues. Since Hulk uses a similar strategy, they would be perfect together in a group.

Midnight Suns also has an extensive list of characters if you are wondering who they are. Check out our article on All Playable Characters In Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

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