Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: All The Choices In Lady Hellbender’s Fortress

Whoever you sell action is promised.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy gives you the freedom to choose the ending you want. Different dialogues will lead to different outcomes in the game. One of the choices which could matter in the game is deciding who you should sell to Lady Hellbender. So we have made a complete list of all choices In Lady Hellbender’s Fortress.

All The Choices In Lady Hellbender’s Fortress in Guardians of the Galaxy

There will be two significant choices when you get to Lady Hellbender. One would be to sell Rocket, and the other would be to sell Groot. Depending on who chooses to sell, the outcome will change. Before going inside the fortress, you need to decide who you should sell to Lady Hellbender. Rocket will go against selling Groot, and Drax will support him, saying that Groot is too gentle. Gamora will say that Groot is their best shot, and Groot will volunteer himself for the mission. So ultimately you will have to decide who will get sold.

If you decide to choose Rocket, Lady Hellbender will laugh at him and refuse to pay anything for him. She will say that she is more interested in buying Groot. The Rocket will be offended by that, and a fight will start eventually. You will need to battle through the entire fortress and reach Lady Hellbender’s room to find 12000 units. You might not be able to take all of the units due to the poison gas Lady Hellbender releases when you enter her room to take the units.

The only difference between both choices is how you get the money. If you go with selling Groot, to get to a price of 12000 units, you will have to let Drax negotiate and flatter her. She will eventually agree to a fee of 12000 units after he offers her 20000 units for Groot. After you sell Groot, you can sneak back inside the palace and get him back but in the end you will be caught and a fight will breakout. In conclusion, no matter which way you choose to go, it will always result in fighting.

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