Marvel’s Avengers open beta is now live

Square Enix’s new Marvel’s Avengers Open Beta is now playable; earlier than anticipated.

Square Enix has announced that the open beta for Marvel’s Avengers is now ready to play. Although, supposed to go live a bit later.

The announcement was given on the game’s official twitter.

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Fortunately, the open beta was announced after a load of bug fixes and patches which were common in the previous betas. Therefore relying on the community, Square Enix brought some changes. These changes and fixes heavily upgraded the playing experience, across all platforms. Yet, some changes still need to be made to make the gameplay much smoother. One of the biggest problems right now is the random connection issues. Hence we can see why the open beta is out early. Likewise, we expect to see more of these beta testing phases, which ultimately helps to improve the game.

Marvel's Avengers open beta
credit: destructoid

Marvel’s Avengers open beta will be playable till 23rd August on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. So jump in and battle alongside your favorite heroes. Betas having glitches and bugs are nothing rare. It gives players an idea of what the final product will feel like and helps in making good purchase decisions.

Lastly, this superhero title has been receiving mixed reviews. Especially because of the microtransaction system emphasized, similar to Destiny or other online looters. Players fear that in-game purchases and excessive grinding will ultimately ruin the otherwise great game. To add, a lot of extra characters were found, which will probably be coming in as DLCs.

This truly feels like either a hit or a miss experience.

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