Marketing Team Messes Up Shutdown Date of Mixer

Mixer’s marketing team apparently messed up the shutdown date of Mixer on their official website.

Mixer is a streaming platform that is created by Microsoft. It was supposed to be a direct competitor to Twitch. But it struggled to compete with the huge streaming platform Twitch.

About a month ago we received the news about Mixer shutting down and becoming a part of Facebook Gaming.

At the same time news about Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek and Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevin not accepting the new contract from Facebook Gaming also came out. They were apparently offered twice as much their original pay with Mixer but declined the offer. Mixer apparently had to pay Ninja 30 Million and Shroud 10 Million to terminate the contract.

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Mixer Shutdown Misinformation

According to an ad on their website Mixer was supposed to shut down on 22nd July. But according to an esports consultant and insider named slasher, we now know the real date.

In his tweet he said that,”Mixer can’t even have a proper shut down send off. im told Mixer will actually go down tomorrow at 11 AM PDT but marketing messed up and never fixed it”

So that mean that Mixer will be shutting down 24th July at 11 AM PDT.

It seems the marketing team of Mixer messed up the date of shutting down and forgot to change the date on their website.

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