Mario Strikers Battle League: Best Ways to Get Bolts

Wouldn’t it be exciting if you could decorate your football stadium from goal posts to everything in it!? In Maria Strikers Battle League, a great item known as Bolts can help you catch that dream of yours. This guide will show you the path to getting Bolts.

Mario Strikers Battle League is the new sequel of the Mario Strikers series. In this game, you can have the entire excitement of playing football/soccer with no boundaries! You can play any of the five football associations in this game.

You can knock any character/player out of the gaming field with an electric fence outside the field area. You can also pass and shoot the ball into the net as you want, but there is a rule: if you do not maintain the game’s laws, then the opposing player will get the free resources to help him get scores.

One of the most significant resources in the game is the Bolts. You can get Bolts in so many different ways. For example, bolts would help you to customize your very own stadium, which you desire. With these Bolts, you can decorate and ornament the stadium’s fences, goal posts, and much more!

Mario Strikers Battle League: Best Ways to Get Bolts
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Best Ways to Get Bolts

Getting Bolts is not very difficult as it sounds. You have to follow some specific steps to get it. The steps are down below:

Join Or Create A Club

You must first join a club to get Bolts. You can also create your very own club and start the game by joining it. Without entering a club, you cannot get any Bolts.


To get Bolts in no time, you must try to win every match you play. Winning a game would provide you with more Bolts than losing a match. Losing a match would also get you Bolts but not as much as after winning a game.

Mario Strikers Battle League: Best Ways to Get Bolt
Credit: Diamond Lobby ( YT )

Choose Characters Consciously

Choosing characters like peach, donkey, etc., will help you win the matches as these characters are some of the best characters in the game. This is the reason why you must choose your characters precisely and consciously.

Mario Strikers Battle League: Best Ways to Get Bolts

If you follow the steps above, you will surely be able to gather Bolts as much as you want, and you can organize and customize the stadium as per your choice.

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