Luminosity Gaming Teased A Probable VALORANT Roster Coming Pretty Soon

Luminosity Gaming teased on their Twitter about the possibility of a VALORANT roster coming pretty soon.

Luminosity Gaming is one of the largest recognized esports organizations in North America. They are based in Toronto, Canada. It was first established back in 2015 by Steve Maida. LG has a roster in Rainbow six Siege, Apex Legends, Fortnite, Madden, CS-GO, Call Of Duty, etc.

Recently they signed the Aussie content creator Muselk to their Fortnite roster which made big news. They also signed another Australian player MrFreshAsian back in March 2020. They also have a lot of other big names in their teams.

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Apparently LG is trying to get into the VALORANT pro scene. They currently do not have a VLORANT team and that might soon change. On their Twitter page, they said that something VALORANT related is coming pretty soon. Although nothing certain was specified we can probably assume that it’s going to be a new VALORANT roster. The VALORANT roster they make will be filled with talented players no doubt.

LG’s Tweet About VAlorant

The fact that they might be creating a VALORANT roster can be deduced by the fact they currently do not have one. If they do not have a VALORANT roster then it can only mean one thing when they say something VALORANT related is coming soon.

Currently, we have no information on who is joining the LG VALORANT roster. But We will all be eagerly waiting to see if the players in LG can compete against VALORANT pros like Hiko, Wardell, and Tenz who have made a name for themselves in the VALORANT pro scene.

The main question now is, if Luminosity Gaming decides to make a VALORANT team, will they be able to affect the VALORANT pro scene. Guess We will just have to wait and see.

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