LPL Week 2 Recap: LNG At Top and More

LPL Week 2 has been great and there are some great storylines developing in the split

LPL Summer Split has been a banger so far with so many great games we have seen so far. LNG is currently leading the league at the moment with them off to a red hot start. Some of the other strong teams are also holding strong. Let’s get into a recap for the week to project what we can expect in the coming weeks.

Developing StoryLines

There are some developing stories and some of them are really great for the league. It speaks to how competitive the LPL has been over the year. Thus, let’s get to some of the prominent storylines.

Is LNG the best team in the LPL at the moment?

LNG is off to a scintillating start by taking down the likes of FPX, JDG, and RNG. Even BLG is a strong team on paper and LNG has beaten them. The introduction of Ale to the team has worked really well while Tarzan stayed consistent with last split’s performances and icon being a very versatile player.

However, that is not the strongest point about this team. That has been Light and Iwandy so far. Light and Iwandy have stepped up since the last split and they have been spectacular in their games. Iwandy in particular is making a case for himself as one of the best Supports in the LPL and that is nothing to scoff at. Being in the running as a top support with the likes of Ming, Meiko, Crisp, and others is a great improvement for Iwandy and he can get better.

We can’t really say whether this is just a streak that LNG is on or whether they are really one of the top-tier teams. However, we can definitely say that they are a top 3 LPL team right now and there is no question about it. They will have to keep this up and their performances will speak for themselves.

Can IG hold on before TheShy and NoFE join the team?

IG has started with a bit of turmoil with their team. Their top laner TheShy and their new head coach, NoFe, are currently in quarantine as of June 18th and are expected to be back on the 9th of July. So far, they are 1-2 in the split with a game on Monday against Ultra Prime. TheShy is one of the crucial pieces of the team and they are certainly missing him in some of their games. With all of that said, their upcoming schedule before TheShy and NoFe join are fairly difficult particularly facing LNG, FPX, and LGD to some extent. They will hope they go 4-2 from now and until the RNG game when TheShy joins in, but it’s a tough road ahead for IG given they have to make ground to reach the playoffs.

Other Notable Developments

There will be a few things to track going forward with the split. One of them would be to track how LGD and BLG do going forward. Both teams have talent, especially on the side of BLG. LGD has been playing better as of late but BLG is still in a slump given their roster. Either team could be in the running for the playoffs when it’s all said and done so keep an eye on these two teams.

One of the other developments is how RNG started. RNG lost to OMG and LNG who are both new and improved. Historically, teams coming from MSI have struggled a bit early on given the lack of a break. It was even more prevalent this time around because of Covid restrictions and quarantine. They should return to their form in due time but if it’s too late, it might spell trouble.

EDG and WE have started strong as well. Given how WE have improved their roster by adding Mole and EDG still keeping up with their performance from last split, they could take the top spot in the LPL. LNG is playing excellent and this is going to be a fun finish for the split when its over.

Games to Watch This Week

We have some games we are highlighting to watch in the LPL. Here they are:

  • RA vs TES (Tuesday): RA is off to a good start and will want to keep winning against TES.
  • WE vs FPX (Wednesday): WE and FPX face off against each other which will be a great series.
  • WE vs RA (Saturday): WE and RA face off as they are on the top of the league at the moment
  • RNG vs FPX (Saturday): RNG faces off a strong opponent in FPX in a high-stakes series.
  • JDG vs EDG (Sunday): A great matchup between two of the best teams in the LPL.

There are many other great games on the LPL and they are a great watch as well. Tune in to the matches and witness the most competitive league currently in action.

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