LPL Tier List And Must Watch Match-ups This Week

LPL is set to start tomorrow and we are bringing to you guys our tier list for Spring Split 2021. Additionally, we are highlighting some keep match-ups to watch this week.

Season 11 is underway and LPL is one of the first leagues to kickoff season 11. With high expectations for many teams in the region. Also, it is one of the most, if not the most, competitive regional league in League of Legends Esports. With that said, lets jump into the tier list for the LPL.

Tier List

This tier list will feature gradings of S, A, B, C, and D. We will divide the teams into the tiers and explain why they belong in this tier. Also, we will outline what we can expect from these teams in this year. Without further ado, lets jump right into it.


Lets start of with the S tier. The S tier will represent teams that are the frontrunners for winning the LPL Spring Split in our opinion. Here they are:

Top Esports

The first team, unsurprisingly, in the S tier is Top Esports (TES). TES was a juggernaut last year and will be a juggernaut this year. They retained all their players and they are motivated to make a big run. They brought in a new Head Coach in WarHorse from FPX to push them over the edge. They also signed Zhuo as their new support to bolster up the position.

The team will be motivated to start off with a bang after their disappointment at Worlds. Their potential is undoubtedly a Worlds trophy and Regional Champions as currently constituted. However, they will face heavy resistance in the LPL which is stacked with talent.

JD Gaming

JD Gaming (JDG) being on this tier should not come as a shock either. They were the biggest competitors of TES last year and will still be one of them this year. Like TES, they also had a disappointing Worlds run last year losing to Suning. However, unlike TES, this is a young team with a lot of talent.

After last year’s disappointment, they sign xiye and Mystic as their Mid Laner and ADC respectively. They also signed a new Head Coach in Chashao who was Suning’s Head Coach. With the improvements they have made in the offseason, they will be looking to cement themselves at the top of the LPL. Zoom and Kanavi should still be one of the best players in their respective roles. Although, as mentioned before, LPL competition is not to be taken for granted.

Invictus Gaming

This might be a surprise S tier pick but this is a forgotten top tier team in the LPL. TheShy and Rookie still are two of the top players in the LPL. However, the team’s inconsistencies pushed them out of a Worlds spot last year. They will still be a powerhouse in the LPL as long as Rookie and TheShy are playing in the game.

They brought up some young players for iG Young in order to bolster the Jungle and ADC positions. Their success hinges upon how TheShy and Rookie performs. With them missing Worlds last year, expect them to make noise.

FunPlus Phoenix

Another Worlds Champion takes the last spot for our S tier list. FPX had a bad year last season and are looking to bounce back. Getting Nuguri from DWG was a statement. They will still have to rise up to the occasion to compete for the top spots.

Nuguri is coming into a league with a lot of great top laners. Also, Tian and LWX will have to step up with better performances than last year to be a top team in the LPL.The acquisition of Nuguri and new Head Coach Steak should be a step forward for them to reclaim back a top spot in the LPL


A-Tier are the teams that are right there with the top contenders but lack something to become a top contender. There are many familiar names on this list and one Worlds 2020 finalist as that. Here are our A-tier teams.


Worlds 2020 Finalist Suning is the first of the A Tier teams. Suning performed really well at Worlds 2020 but fell short of the mark to winning it all. The loss of SwordArt is undoubtedly going to hurt them and which is why they are an A-tier team. Removing a big part of their team will be a place to improve upon.

They are still going to be a top 7 caliber team in the LPL. However, their new duo lane at the bot side will be one to watch. They have the right pieces to break into the top 4 but we will have to see whether they continue on their Worlds 2020 trajectory into Season 11.

Victory Five

Victory Five was a suprising team to make the playoffs last year. They are a young team which was rebuilding and going through a process of being a contender in the future. They got a jump start last year with the surge of Mole and ppgod. They were standout players for V5 and are on the uptick in terms of trajectory.

Coming into this season, they acquired Langx, a great top laner to improve the roster. y4 showed promise and consistency last year and is the starter at ADC for them. With the upward trend for V5, they belong in the A-tier and they will be in the running for playoffs this split.

Edward Gaming

EDG missed the playoffs last year but they improved the team considerably. Aodi did not pan out for them in the top lane. Hence, they replaced him with Flandre, who showed promise in LNG Esports. They retained Meiko and Scout and brought back Clearlove as a player. They also acquired Viper from the LCK which makes the roster better at the ADC role. With the addition of Flandre and Viper and new coach Maokai, they aim to get a playoff spot and be a top 8 team in the LPL.

Team WE

WE made the playoffs last year and were in the hunt for a Worlds spot. However, their inexperience showed when they played against better teams in the LPL. Losing Morgan is a big blow, but they get Breathe (previously Curse) from OMG. Other than that, they still have the rest of the roster with them to grow and compete for the playoffs.

Jiumeng and Missing were standouts last year and will continue to grow as players. They also played extremely well in the Demacia Cup 2020 to reach the finals. With a young team that has some playoff experience from last year, WE hopes to be competing for the playoffs.


These teams can either be playoff contenders or just fall short of it. Here they are

Bilibili Gaming

BLG was not a good team last year. Barring Meteor, none of their players really stood out. Hence, this year, they went and acquired talent to fill up their roster. They acquired Zeka from Vici Gaming, Aiming from KT Rolster, and Mark from LGD.

Aiming and Mark will be a better bot lane duo for them to compete against the other top tier bot lanes. Zeka, in Vici Gaming, was pretty good and having him will be a boon for BLG. Biubiu will also be a better top laner for them in terms of a prospect. They have some interesting pieces on the team and whether they will work out is to be seen. Hence, this puts them in B-tier simply for potential to be one of those playoff teams.

Royal Never Give Up

RNG has long lost their powerhouse pedigree after the departure of Uzi. Now, they struggle to make it to the playoffs in the LPL. The biggest move they made in the offseason was Xiaohu moving to top lane. It was a surprising move and a bold one at that. They still have Ming and GALA has taken over the starting spot at ADC.

They acquired Xiaobai in order to be a second top laner for the team. They also acquired Wei who looked good in eStar to give them a boost in the jungle. Things might turn for RNG but the obstacle in their way will be if Xiaohu at top works or not. If the moves they made work out, they would easily be in the playoff hunt with a lot of talent in the roster. However, the uncertainty is what puts them at B-tier.

Rare Atom

Rare Atom (previously Vici Gaming) had some good moments last year. However, they could not go over the line to take a playoff spot. Their performance in the Demacia Cup 2020 was really good. However, that should not be an indicator of how this team will do in the Spring Split.

They have really high potential with the addition of FoFo. They could be the surprising team of the year. However, they have to show up in the LPL stage. If they are able to unlock their potential, they will be able to compete for a playoff spot.


C-tier teams do not have enough talent according to our estimation. They are in a rebuilding state and have a direction to make moves in the future.

LNG Esports

LNG Esports was not a good team last year and even with Maple, could not compete with many of the teams. This year, what makes them a C-tier team is the addition of Tarzan and icon. Tarzan was the star rookie with unique jungle mechanics and icon played decent last year at OMG. LNG is hoping to develop the players in terms of experience and playing together. With time, they can hope to contend for a playoff spot.


eStar was a weird team last year in terms of performance. In Spring Split 2020, they were 11-5 but in Summer Split 2020, they were 3-13. It was not like they changed their roster considerably but it was a real mystery why they fell that badly. Now, they come in with a fresh reboot. They are bringing in players with a lot of talent from prospect teams and H4cker from OMG.

Maybe they will fulfill their potential this year. Their team is still better in terms of talent than most teams in this tier or below but it is a matter of inexperience at the LPL stage. Perhaps they will show some glimmer of potential to keep fans interested in the team.

Rogue Warriors

The RW experiment did not work last year. They were changing players constantly to find the right team but it never quite worked out. So this year, they are just going to roll in with a set team in Spring Split. They got Ziv and Forge for the top and mid lane. They also acquired Betty from RNG and QiuQiu as support.

However, it is a question whether they will perform well this split. It is likely that they are rebuilding for competing in the future or they could be better than what we expect. All in all, they can be something to look forward to in the future.


These teams will likely be the bottom of the league unless they surprise people.

Oh My God

Well OMG is back at it with another rebuilding team. They rebooted their entire team and thus begin another year of evaluating and developing talents. With a stacked LPL region, they will not likely be making much noise but the upside is there for them. Perhaps it will pan out and they will be in playoff contention sooner rather than later.

LGD Gaming

It is really a fall from grace from last year to be here at D-tier. They lost all their key players in xiye, Peanut, Mark, and Langx and replaced them with talented players for the future. Uniboy was a good signing but this team does not feel like its anywhere close to playoff contention. Maybe we are wrong and they will show up in the LPL stage and shock the other teams.


TT (previously DMO) is in our opinion the worst roster in the LPL. Samd could work out for them but it is going to be an uphill task for TT to even be a top 10 team in the league. More prospect evaluation for them this year unless they really breakout to fulfill their potential

Early Team Rankings

We have labeled out our tiers for each of the teams and now based on that we will put these teams into the rankings. Remember that this is a projection and it will likely be different from how we see it.

  1. Top Esports
  2. JD Gaming
  3. Invictus Gaming
  4. Funplus Phoenix
  5. Suning
  6. Edward Gaming
  7. Victory Five
  8. Team WE
  9. Rare Atom
  10. Royal Never Give Up
  11. Bilibili Gaming
  12. Rogue Warriors
  13. LNG Esports
  14. eStar
  15. LGD Gaming
  16. Oh My God
  17. TT

Top Esports is the most talented roster in the LPL however, JDG, IG, and FPX are not far off. From 5 to 8, the ranking could easily flip given how they perform. Also teams like Rare Atom and RNG could break into the top 8 we project if they play upto their potential.

Must Watch Matches This Week

We will label out of must watch matches of this week from the LPL. Here they are

  • TOP Esports vs Suning: The opener of the LPL Spring Split 2021 tomorrow is going to be a cracker of a series. It is a rematch from Worlds 2020 semifinals and against two of teams vying for playoff spots if not winning it all in the LPL. It is a must watch, no doubt about it.
  • JDG vs IG: On Sunday, two of our top 4 predicted teams of the LPL face off. There should be a lot of excitement for this series with potential powerhouses of LPL 2021 facing off this early. Will be a fun match to watch.
  • Team WE vs Victory Five: WE and V5 square off on Wednesday with a lot of anticipation to start off strong.

Here are out matches to watch this week. LPL Spring Split 2021 starts tomorrow (January 9th) at 5pm GMT+8.

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