LPL Round 1 Playoffs Preview

As the LPL Summer Split has wrapped up, we move on to Round 1 of the playoffs featuring LNG, Suning, WE, and OMG.

LPL Summer Split was full of surprises and action. We saw FPX dominate teams in the split, RNG and WE surging in the middle of the split, and much more. With the regular season wrapped up, it’s time for the top 10 teams to fight to win the split and go to Worlds. Let’s talk about the matches in Round 1 of the playoffs briefly.

LNG vs Suning

For the first series, we have LNG and Suning facing off against each other. Both teams have had a decent split so let’s talk about them.


LNG was a team that surged at the start of the split. They were picking off wins from many of the playoff teams and looked like a threat. However, as the split waned, LNG started performing how we expected them to. The team is heavily dependant on Tarzan making something happen to enable the laners and snowball from that.

Tarzan has a 100% win rate on Xin Zhao so for LNG, that is a priority if it’s available. Ale has dished out quite a decent set of stats including a big damage number, but his inconsistency is a problem against better teams. Icon is also very inconsistent as in some games he pops off, and in some games he disappears. Light and Iwandy have been an interesting case for the team as the meta has probably moved to a point where they are not comfortable on a few picks.

Thus for LNG, this is the time to show what they are made of. To win against Suning, they will need Tarzan on a jungler with some urgency to get his lanes ahead. With all that said, this will be a tough task for LNG but they are in no way not capable of winning the series.


Suning is an interesting team this split in the LPL. This team has ramped up as the split progressed and is a reasonably good team in the LPL. What makes them strong is Angel roaming along with SoFM to make something happen on the top side.

Angel has been a better player this split. He has significantly improved his champion pool while playing the Twisted Fate with a lot of success. Angel has definitely been a key part of this team. SoFM has also gotten better as the split went on and he has picked up some interesting ganking junglers that have worked to an extent. His Zac has been an interesting pick and he is very well known for his innovative picks.

Bin has had a volatile split with some games where he pops off and Huanfeng has been one of the best ADC’s in the LPL this split. ON is starting to come into his own in his first year as an LPL player and he has improved over the course of the split. In totality, Suning looks like a relatively strong team when playing around the side lanes. They do have a tendency to put a lot of resources in the top lane, so the onus falls onto Bin to make use of those resources. Having said that, Suning is one of those teams we could see making a deep run in the playoffs.

The Match Up

LNG has their work cut out against Suning. It will be all about Tarzan getting the upper hand in a jungle pick with more proactiveness and force Suning to respond to that. Also, Angel cannot get Twisted Fate and other roaming mid laners that can cause trouble so LNG will have to play smartly against that style. Meanwhile, Light and Iwandy will have to hold their own against the Suning bot lane and Icon will need to show up in the games. If all of that happens, LNG is going to give Suning a tough match.

On the other side, Suning has to ban Xin Zhao with Tarzan’s record on it. Suning’s style matches well against LNG with a strong bot lane and an aggressive top laner who gets resources. Also, Suning can play through multiple lanes and that is a tough task for LNG to keep up. Hence, we think Suning is going to take the series 3-1.

Team WE vs Oh My God

WE vs OMG is going to be a very interesting matchup with the rise of Creme and WE surging later in the split.

Team WE

WE are an interesting team to watch this split. They acquired Mole to make their mid lane stronger but that simply backfired. After subbing in Shanks, they went on a winning streak. Shanks fits the team more seamlessly with his style of play. WE’s style can be boiled down to one thing, just pressure top lane. Breathe and beishang are a top-jungle duo that simply lives on the top side of the map. Also, WE send multiple members top as well when Shanks can roam around.

That is the biggest trait about Shanks. He is not an individually stellar player but in skirmishes and teamfights, he really shows his mechanics. Breathe is their main focal point and he has proved to be one of the best top laners in the LPL. Breathe will be a handful for any team to deal with. Additionally, beishang enables Breathe very well to make sure the top side is in WE’s favor. Elk and Missing are a safe bot lane but suffer from consistency issues. Elk is generally left alone in the lane to accrue gold and experience while Missing roams around to help out other parts of the map.

Compiling all of that, we have WE who are a very top lane centric team while the mid laner and support roams around for skirmishes and the ADC keeps farming up. It’s a very one-dimensional style but it has found a lot of success and WE will double down on it in the playoffs.

Oh My God

OMG is the surprise team of this split with how they have played. They are a very scrappy team and Creme is their best player and their main carry. However, there are times when we see this team play well when Creme does not pop off so it very much falls onto the rookie to make things happen.

However, Able is a very capable ADC and has shown that he is dependable in fights. Cold is their primary engage player and Creme is the Sylas/Akali player who just takes over games. Meanwhile, Aki tries to take objectives and play around mid lane while New is mostly holding his own.

Together, this is a new squad that is trying to improve and get better. However, they are not as strong as their counterparts for this upcoming series with the lack of picks Creme has been good at and where New can be exploited by Breathe.

The Match Up

As mentioned earlier, Breathe against New is going to be a problem for OMG. WE like to spend resources in the top lane and Breathe comes through in those games. OMG will need to mitigate that by attacking WE in the mid lane but it will be tough going for them. WE just need to make sure Creme does not get his comfort picks and OMG could struggle if that happens. For us, it’s a 3-0 win for WE.

In Conclusion

We have the two starting series of the LPL which will be fairly one-sided in our mind. However, if the LPL has taught us anything, it’s that LPL is extremely hard to predict and anything can happen in their games.

To look at the schedule of the LPL, follow this link and tune in to the LPL as playoffs start on Thursday.

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