LPL Power Rankings after Week 7

Week 7 of the LPL has wrapped up and three weeks are left for the regular split. Here is our updated Power Rankings after the results this past week.

LPL has been a very exciting league to watch since the Spring Split 2021 has started. The league has been competitive and there are still many teams vying for a playoff spot. With 10 slots for playoffs up for grabs, the split is coming into the business end of things. Without further ado, lets jump into it.

Power Rankings

The top two have been consistent for us for most of the past weeks. This week, the top 2 teams have changed in light of recent results. Also, many teams have crept up while some teams have fallen down. A cautionary note, this is a power rankings and it will not entirely reflect the current standings. Also, this does not take today’s games into account. Hence, here is our rankings:

1. Royal Never Give Up

RNG have been excellent for the past weeks. Week 7 was no different. Since, the split is just a single round-robin, beating EDG and FPX in the past 2 weeks has given them the advantage to get first place in the split. However, this takes into account that they do not drop their future games and it is not expected that they will. Xiaohu is playing like one of the best top laners in the LPL and Cryin has been an outstanding mid laner. Overall, this team has gelled and they are a dominant team. RNG will likely be 1st spot in the playoffs and most teams would not want to face them in their current form.

2. Team WE

WE was stumbling before Chinese New Year break. However, after the break, they are rejuvenated and have bounced back to winning ways. Beating FPX in Week 6 helps a lot and they won against LGD this week. There is still a lot to like about this team. They are a consistent team and Breathe is also in the conversation of one of the best top laners in the LPL this split so far. The pairing of beishang and Breathe has worked really well and beishang has been the driving force of this team. They should be a top 3 team when the split is said and done if they follow their current trajectory.

3. Rare Atom

RA is a surging team at the moment. They are a 7 series winstreak and they look like a really formidable team. Most of credit for that goes to FoFo and Cube. FoFo has been their main carry and Cube has been playing really well also. They did not start of as well as they would have hoped but the past weeks have been great for them. Beating FPX and WE in the winstreak only adds to that. This team should not be underestimated going forward, especially with the form they are in

4. Edward Gaming

EDG took a tumbling these past two weeks. Losing to IG and RNG does not help their cause for first place. Despite that, EDG is still a very strong team. Viper is playing as one of the best ADC’s in the LPL and there is a lot of optimism about the team going forward. The addition of Flandre has been great and Jiejie has performed for the team. They will be looking to bounce back in the coming series to regain some momentum going into playoffs.

5. Top Esports

Another team which has gone 4-0 in the last two weeks. Beating IG is a boon for them. However, the other wins they got were not against playoff wins so they are still an unknown in terms of where they rank as a top team so far. Yet, they still went 4-0 in the past two weeks and deserve all the credit for that. They are coming into 2019 form and there is a lot of upside going forward for them. In light of recent results, they slot into 5th spot but as usual, the power rankings are always in flux with recent results.

6. FunPlus Phoenix

Despite FPX losing 3 of the last 4 series, they are still 6th in our rankings. The losses came against RNG, WE, and RA. The remainder of their schedule is fairly easy for them and they should win out the rest of the games. The team as a whole is still reeling from the Bo controversy and Beichuan coming in and trying to adjust to the LPL. They should be able to bounce back and be a strong opponent for most teams.

7. Invictus Gaming

IG ends up as 7th just on the merits of demolishing EDG. Despite losing to Suning badly and falling short against TES, they still have the makings of a great team. TheShy is starting to come back into form and Rookie is as formidable as he was in previous years. However, their coinflip nature still does remain and there is a lot of room for improvement for them. Lucas and Xun have been great additions but their cohesiveness still need time to completely settle in as a team. They have been much better after the break and expect that trend to follow. If they rack up more series wins and some momentum, they will go pound for pound versus any team in the LPL. \

8. Suning

Suning is 8th on the list due to their win against IG. However, SN has had some key problems as a team. Despite winning against IG, it felt more like IG giving it away that SN grabbing a win. Huanfeng is still a top ADC and Angel is playing well but ON has not been great beside Huanfeng. SOFM is also not playing upto his standards and there is still much to be desired for the last year’s Worlds finalists. They should be able to keep their playoff spot and get better as the split goes along to put up a fight in the playoffs.

9. JD Gaming

Despite going 3-1 in the past two weeks, JDG is 9th in the list. Most of their wins came against non-playoff teams and the team is not performing as well as they should be. Zoom is still making his case as one of the, if not the best top laner in the LPL. They win a lot of games on the back of Zoom just imposing his will in those matches. Still a lot to be desired from this team and expecting them to improve and clinch a playoff spot with the future series.

10. LNG Esports

Despite their great start to the split, LNG ranks 10th in the list. They have started to come down to earth as of late but this team is still very talented. Tarzan is playing as one of the best junglers in the LPL and everyone else has improved in the team. However, they fold against stronger teams so it is hard to gauge where they actually land. The future series should be more indication as they fight to keep their playoff spot going forward.

11. Bilibili Gaming

After BLG’s good start, they have now dropped down to the pack that is just outside the playoffs. They are still very much in the playoff hunt but its going to take a big effort to make it in. The remainder of the split is not easy for them and they will need to be better in order to win the games. If they do win, particularly against Suning, they will have a good chance to make the playoffs.

12. Victory Five

V5 have fallen off considerably this split. Their performances have not been as good as they had hoped. They have a problem it seems in the bot lane since SamD left and SamD has actually been playing better in TT. They are now sticking more to Langx so that will help them with some consistency. However, just like BLG, they are just out of the playoffs. Also, they have one of the toughest schedules remaining with facing against JDG, IG, RA, TES, and FPX. Its a hell of a road to cross for them if they want to make the playoffs but at this moment, that seems really unlikely.

13. LGD Gaming

LGD has gotten better since the split started. However, it is not good enough to be in the playoff hunt. Currently there are 5 teams with 2 wins or less and LGD is one of them. With their rebuild, it was expected that they would struggle. It’s a transition period for them so they should be expected to make the playoffs and should look to improve for Summer Split.

14. Oh My God

Another rebuilding team thats sits with just 2 wins in the split is OMG. As stated, they are in the process of evaluating players and moving forward to contend in the future. There are some bright spots for the team such as New being a good top laner and Aki is playing well. Like, LGD and TT, they have also improved as the split has gone on and that should be good for them in the future for player development.

15. ThunderTalk Gaming

TT has been a better team after the break. However, they are still not good enough to be in the playoff hunt. SamD and Teeen are developing into a good bot lane and they have the makings to be better in the future. They are a new team and they should get better with time. This split though, they should just focus on being as competitive as they can be.

16. eStar Gaming

Well, ES is back at the bottom again. Like the other teams around this ranking, ES is also in the player development process. Bring in H4cker was a good move but the inexperience of other players is a detriment at the moment. They are just accruing experience to be better in the future, potentially the Summer Split.

17. Rogue Warriors

There is a something seriously wrong if a team with good players like RW are at the very bottom of the LPL. These players may not be what they were in their primes except Haro, but they are not bad players. Any in-game decision RW makes turns into a disaster and there is something that needs to be done. The organization should evaluate whether it is really the players at fault or is the coaching staff not putting them in a position to succeed. Regardless, this is not where RW should be but their play puts them in dead last.

Key Matches Coming Up

There are some important matches coming up that will have implications in the playoff seeding. Hence, here they are:

  • EDG vs LNG: EDG will need to keep pace to have a chance at 1st place while LNG wants to separate themselves from the pack.
  • RA vs IG: A surging RA team faces an IG team that has been much better as of late.
  • EDG vs TES: A great matchup for potential playoff seeding rises and falls.
  • SN vs WE: Another matchup that has big implications for the playoffs seeding
  • RNG vs JDG: RNG will look to continue on with keeping hold of top spot while JDG wants to get more wins to secure a better playoff seeding.

Final Remarks

There are many good matchups coming up in the future and many of the playoff teams have gotten better. Every match counts for all of these teams in the hopes to get playoffs success. LPL continues every week and check out this link to find the daily schedules.

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