LPL is coming back on 9th March 2020

After just one week LPL was postponed due to the Coronavirus and finally, LPL is coming back into action on 9 March 2020.

LPL just announced on Twitter that, LPL coming back on the 9 March 2020 after a month break due to the Coronavirus. The rest of the 2020 LPL spring matches will be held online and officials said: “The rest of the 2020 LPL spring split matches will be held online until we can safety resume using the esports venues.”

The spring split of the LPL resume from 9th March but there will be no English broadcast until 15th March. All the broadcast will be available on Youtube and Twitch.

Before participating in the tournament all the have to complete a 14-day monitored quarantine period to ensure safety before the tournament begins.

With LPL playing online, this will the first time ever a professional League of Legends tournament will be held online. And to ensure the fairness of the tournament there will be onsite referees. The online tournaments always face a lot of technical issues and officials said that “There will likely be some unforeseen technical difficulties, but we will try our best to deal with them in a timely fashion.”

Currently, there are 80,000+ confirmed cases, as a result, a lot of Esports events are either postponed or delayed. LPL was also delayed due to coronavirus concerns and 2020 Mid-Season Invitational is also expected to get delayed.

Despite everything, it is great news for the fans around the world to enjoy the LPL scene once again after one month of break.


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