Lost Ark Tier List: Best Tank, Support, DPS, and Beginner Classes

Confused about which classes are the best to play in Lost Ark? We have you covered.

Lost Ark has just launched its closed beta for some countries in the west, and people are already pouring in to try out the game. It is a classic MMO title where the character you choose plays a significant role in how the game will play out for you. We have made a complete list of all the classes and best classes to play in Lost Ark to help fans make a better choice when they play the game.

All Classes in Lost Ark

There are five different classes which are then divided into different sections for you to choose from. The five main classes are Gunner, Warrior, Mage, Martial Artist, and Assassin. Each of these classes has subclasses that will give you more variety in what you want to play. We have broken down each class which you can check out below:


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The warrior class gets divided into three subcategories: Beserker, Paladin, and Gunlancer. The warrior class is full of tank and sword wilding characters who can do excellent melee damage and take more in return. They are very straightforward to play, so this class could be your go-to if you are new to the game.


Berserker class offers swordsmen who can do a lot of damage from a range. They are easy to learn and can be used by pretty much anyone. They have some powerful AoE ability which can be very useful in battle.

PVP: For PvP, you will have to find a balance between attacking and being defensive using Beserker. He has long cooldowns, and you have to protect him while he needs to recharge his abilities. If you manage to do this efficiently, he can be a compelling character in the game.


Paladin is a supporting character who can be great at offense and defense. They can do significant damage if you pair them up with characters that stay in the frontline of the battle. During the battle, Paladin can give the party powerful buffs and use its support-based ability to provide you with the edge for winning.

PvP: Paladin is a balanced character who can act as a tank and a supporting character. You can use him to play aggressively despite him being a supporting character due to his tankiness.


Gunlancer is a hybrid character that can act like a Tank, Dps, or Support thanks to its abilities. He is one of the most versatile characters in the game. However, he can be the best when you use him as a Tank. Gunlancer can be a beneficial Tank during raids as he can even block some special boss attacks.

PvP: Gunlancer is one of the essential characters in the game due to the damage he can soak up. You see him in almost every match. Picking him in a PvP match can be a good choice due to his abilities besides being a Tank.


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Mage is one of the support classes in the game. Bard and Summoner subclasses are the only two subclasses available in the game for Mage. If you are looking for classes that will give your characters the buff you need and inflict damage from range, Mage is the class you should choose.


Among the two subclasses, Bard will allow you to do damage and focus on healing your teammates along with different kinds of buffs. Giving teammates buffs can be one of the most critical roles in Lost Ark. It can decide the outcome of battle without question using their magical Harps.

PvP: Having a Support class character like Bard is a must in PvP raids and battles. A team without a supporting character won’t stay much longer on a battlefield without healing or buffs.


As the name suggests, Summoners can summon pets that can damage the enemy. Summoner has a variety of skill sets that can allow you to perform different types of tasks using your pets. The pets you summon do not die quickly, so this class can be beneficial if you use them well. It is also an excellent class for beginners who have less idea about the game than others.

PvP: Summoner can be great to climb ranks due to the significant damage of your little summoning friends. However, no mobility can be an issue for Summoner, it can be simple to use, but you will have to be careful how you use her.


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Gunner is among the only two classes which have more than four different subclasses. Gunners focus on doing actual damage from range using weapons, guns, and bows. Each class has different kinds of skills, and we broke down each below.

Gunslinger and Dead Eye

Gunslinger or Dead Eye is just male and female versions of the same character. Both of them can hold either Pistol, Shotgun, or Rifle. As the name suggests, they can do a lot of damage but cannot sustain much, so you will need support characters by their side to help them out. Keeping them at a distance and using them to inflict massive damage is the best use for them in the game.

PvP: DPS is essential in every game, and in Lost Ark, Gunslinger and Dead Eye can be deadly if you use them well. They can do vast amounts of damage, make the enemies weak, and turn the tide on in seconds.


Artillerist is the balanced character in the Gunner class who can do massive damage on a single target and is excellent for clearing hordes of enemies in PvE. Thanks to his skills, he can act as a turret if you set him up in a single place. However, this will leave you with no mobility, but it can be very effective against many enemies in a one-way path entrance.

PvP: Due to his turret, he can quickly become the main focus of the enemy. He can be very deadly as he can do a lot of damage with combos to tanks.


As the name suggests, sharpshooters use their bows to inflict damage from a fair distance. They are like the snipers of Lost Ark, so you will have to keep them far from the action to protect and keep them safe. If you have good aim and prefer staying at a distance from enemies, this is the character you should go with.

PvP: Even though Sharpshooter is among the best classes in the game, you will need to attack from stealth and make sure you are not taking much damage. Players will also need to be highly skilled in hitting shots using Sharpshooter. He can be very effective, but only if the person is as capable as the character.

Martial Artist

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Striker And Wardancer

Striker and Wardancer are male and female versions of a character with a few changes which use fast-paced melee attacks infused with elemental powers to bring down enemies in a flash. Strikers can do aerial combos, fast kicks, and even tornados of spices to wipe out a group of enemies. Strikers have one of the best mobility options in the game, and they can do massive burst damage. It’s convenient to use them as they also have low cooldowns, and it’s pretty easy to play for anyone new to the game. Whereas Wardancer is also an excellent option for new users, she has simple mechanics and short-ranged attacks. She can be a great option against fast-paced bosses in PvE mode.

PvP: Striker can dance among enemies and finish them off in style doing aerial combos. Wardancer can make good quick attacks and act as a supporting character with her buffs and debuffs in battle.


If you take the same abilities from Striker and Wardancer and make the character more bulk, you will have Scrapper. Scrapper is a tank melee DPS, but she cannot move like Striker or Wardancer, but they pack a punch with their gauntlets. Scrappers use Chi to use skills, so if you are looking to use this character, you will need to familiarize yourself with how you should use the Chi.

PvP: She can do a lot of damage with low cooldown times. You will see players using Scrapper a lot in PvP mode, and you can indeed note down her abilities and how well you can use her in PvP mode.


Soulfist is one of the most challenging classes to master in the game. You can call them a jack of all trades as they get used in almost every situation. The skills vary from melee to ranged damage, making them better characters yet hard to master. Players can also use their abilities to launch powerful combos doing massive amounts of damage to anyone that comes in contact with the attack.

PvP: Soulfist can be an essential character in PvP mode due to his vast amount of abilities. You can pretty much use him as everything, which is why he can be a critical choice in PvP.


Assassin Class
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Assassins class has one the most enjoyable characters to play in the game. Assassins class will let you use forces of darkness to perform quick yet lethal attacks on your enemies. Like Mage Assassins class also has two subcategories to choose from. We have broken down both subclasses below:


Like Soulfists from Martial artist class, shadow hunters can do massive damage from both melee and range. The only difference is that they can shapeshift into demonic creatures. Shadowhunter is a very balanced class that covers all bases, and it is easily one of the best classes in the game.

PvP: Shadowhunter can be a fundamental character if you use him well enough in PvP mode. The stun ability especially can be very satisfying to hit yet annoying to play against. If you are skilled enough and know the character well, this is undoubtedly a top choice for anyone.


Deathblade is one of the only characters in the game who holds three swords to do high damage combos. However, Deathblade class has one weakness which is their HP. Our Lost Ark has given them relatively more minor HP as they can do massive damage to balance it. You will need to plan to throw them inside a battlefield so that they don’t die just after landing an attack.

PvP: Deathblade is one of the best subclasses in the DPS section of the game. There is no doubt it can be a very handle character to you in PvP mode due to his deadly combos and abilities.

Best Classes to Play In Lost Ark (A Complete Tier List)

There are fifteen classes to choose from now in Lost Ark. There will be more classes and subclasses to come as the game progresses. It can be challenging to choose which character you should play with when you start the game.

So, we have broken down below the best classes that you should play in Lost Ark:

  • Best (S-Tier): Bard, Paladin, Gunlancer
  • Good (A-Tier): Gunner, Berserker, Gunslinger, Striker
  • Average (B-Tier): Summoner, Soulfist, Shadowhunter, Deathblade, Scrapper, Wardancer
  • Not Recommended (C-Tier): Dead Eye, Artillerist.

To start, the first three classes in our Tier list are classes that should exist in every match as they bring stability to the team. Bard is the best support character in the game, and if you take her in your group, you have an excellent chance to stand up against the enemy. Like Bard, Paladin and Gunlancer offered great utility and support to the entire team with their unique skills. Moving on to Tier-A, All of them pack good overall abilities along with good HP and Damage. Each is different from the other, but they all can be very effective if used well.

As we get to the second last Tier, all of the classes in Tier B are average, and you can use them if you like to play with them. However, you will have to use them with perfection and skill for them to make an impact. They can be great characters, but you will need to be on the spot with their abilities and skills. The last Tier includes two Classes we don’t recommend as they don’t have good mobility, damage, and abilities.

Best Beginner Classes

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  • Best (S-Tier): Beserker
  • Good (A-Tier): Summoner, Striker, Wardancer
  • Average (B-Tier): Bard, Artillerist
  • Not Recommended (C-Tier): Scrappers, Soulfist, Deathblade, Sharpshooter, Gunslinger, Dead Eye, Paladin, Gunlancer, Shadowhunter

If you are new to MMO titles and Lost Ark is your first game. It would be best to consider playing the characters mentioned below to help you get the best experience when playing the game. AS discussed above, Berserk from the Warrior class is a perfect character for anyone new to Lost Ark. He can do massive damage with his greatsword.

Along with that, the Berserk sub-class character also has a fair amount of health so that he won’t die quickly too. Apart from the Berserker subclass, the Summoner subclass from Mage is also an excellent character for anyone starting the game. You can summon massive amounts of your tiny little friends who can be very useful in battle.

Best Tank Class

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  • Best (S-Tier): Gunlancer
  • Good (A-Tier): Paladin, Scrapper
  • Average (B-Tier): Artillerist, Soulfist, Striker
  • Not Recommended (C-Tier): Bard, Summoner, Gunslinger, Dead Eye, Sharpshoot, Striker, Wardancer, Deathblade, Shadowhunter

When it comes to tanks, no subclass is better than Warrior subclass Gunlancer. Thanks to Gunlancer’s defensive, HP, and attacking skills, he is the best tank class in the game. You can easily defeat enemies at a range without taking damage. Gunlancer also has a massive shield to help him soak up a lot of damage and buy you enough time for a counter-attack. Apart from him, you can also try the Paladin or Scrapper subclass, which can be deadly too.

Best Support Class

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  • Best (S-Tier): Bard, Summoner
  • Good (A-Tier): Soulfist, Paladin, Gunlancer
  • Average (B-Tier): Artillerist, Wardancer
  • Not Recommended (C-Tier): Gunslinger, Dead Eye, Sharpshoot, Striker, Deathblade, Shadowhunter, Berserker, Scrapper.

For the best support class, you should always choose Bard from the Mage subclass. Even though Bard cannot 1v1 enemies, you will find him very useful with his buffs and spells. These buffs can give an edge when you are engaged in battles hence winning them in the end. If you are looking for a supporting character, there is no better character than Bard in the game.

Best DPS Class

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  • Best (S-Tier): Sharpshooter
  • Good (A-Tier): Scrapper, Soulfist, Deathblade, Gunslinger
  • Average (B-Tier): Dead Eye, Paladin, Gunlancer, Shadowhunter, Summoner,Artillerist
  • Not Recommended (C-Tier): Paladin, Scrapper, Gunlancer, Bard

Multiple DPS characters can be beneficial in their perspective. However, the best among all of them is the Sharpshooter subclass from the Gunner class. It will let you be at a safe distance and do vast amounts of damage without exposing yourself to the enemies. He will make use of his long-range bolts and summoning ability to help out in combat. Sharpshooter stands out tall among all the other DPS subclasses in the game, which is why he is the perfect class for you if you want to play DPS only.

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