Loserfruit’s Fortnite Icon Series Bundle Leaked


Loserfruit’s icon series skin in Fortnite has been leaked by data-miners and it could be coming to the item shop any day now.

Kathleen ‘Loserfruit’ Belsten is a famous Australian content creator and Streamer. She also has several Youtube channels with impressive subscriber counts. Loserfruit is famous for streaming Fortnite and making content for it.

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Fortnite Icon series is a set of skins tailored to popular streamers, celebrities, or content creators for Fortnite. Previously Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevin was the first one to get his official Icon series skin. later Pokimane and Jordan Fisher got their Icon series emote added to Fortnite. Loserfruit and TheGrefg were supposed to get their Icon series emote or skin next.

But looks like Loserfruit’s Icon series skin will be the first to come out before TheGrefg.

Australian Streamer Loserfruit

The files for the skins were apparently added in update 12.60. Now leakers have leaked the Loserfruit skin as well as the emote, back bling, and pickaxes. The descriptions of the Loserfruit bundle was discovered a few days ago.

Popular Fortnite leaked Hypex leaked these info about the Loserfruit bundle.

How the skin looks in-game

And just today the actual look of the skin in-game as well as all other accessories have been leaked and they look awesome. The skins in-game look is pretty much guaranteed at this point.

How the backbling looks ingame

Popular Fortnite leaker Llama_Leaks leaked the in-game look of the Loserfruit back bling. The back bling is named Bounce Berry.

Loserfruit skin Built-in Emote

The skin also appears to have a built in emote that has the skin watering a plant and later it turns into the loserfruit icon.

SkinTrackerCom leaked the built-in emote of the Loserfruit skin. They leaked a video that shows the Loserfruit skin doing the emote in the lobby.

Loserfruit bundle dual pickaxe

The Loserfruit Icon series bundle will also come with a dual pickaxe of a similar style. The in-game look of the pickaxes have not been leaked but we can see an outline of some sort thanks to leaker Lucas7yoshi

Seeing these leaks there is no doubt that the Loserfruit Icon series bundle will be coming to the item shop pretty soon and it will be just as epic as previous icon series skins and emotes.

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