Lies of P (LoP): Top 5 Best Bosses

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Lies of P (LoP): Top 5 Best Bosses

Neither the hardest nor the easiest; simply, the best bosses in LoP.

Taking inspiration from the traditional Pinocchio story, this new Souls-like installment, Lies of P, brings out a totally exceptional story. Nevertheless, the hatred toward mannequins and puppets grew stronger from playing it. Apart from that, Lies of P provides a novel and a challenging adventure.

You will start in the city of Krat, overrun by puppets and mutant monsters. However, you are no less. You will take on the role of the protagonist, Pinnochio, who must rely on deception to overcome numerous obstacles and chase your destiny. And the path towards your destiny is filled with some exceptional monumental monoliths that stand in stark contrast to the game’s gloomy story.

Different from typical bosses, these exceptional bosses have just as the usual and typical “boss-like health bars”, deadly special strikes, and unpredictable dance patterns. However, they differ from others in the approach, the styles, and the way they deal with you. As you progress through the game’s eleven chapters, you will learn more about the benefits that come from facing and defeating these extraordinary foes. And in this guide, we will be talking about some of the best of them. Hop in without further ado!

Top 5 Best Bosses in Lies of P

5. Mad Clown Puppet

From the exciting yet dangerous heart of the city’s entertainment sector, you will come across the Mad Clown Puppet, currently ranked on the fifth place on my list. This terrifying miniboss has various lethal strikes at his disposal, especially the One-Two Punch. Here, he will impose an alternating onslaught, which is best avoided by moving away from him. Cannot forget the Uppercut, a punch that requires quick blocking or parrying. And there are multiple others on the menu. Well, yeah, and the the Arm Twirling thing he des often.

When the Clown’s temper flares up, he uses his Fury to turn his punches into unrelenting bashes. So it’s always better to keep distance; just, hit and run type situation. Needless to say, he will taste your patience more than the clown in Mac. What a clown! (Both!)

4. Puppet King

Puppet King in Lies of P

Now, here comes Lies of P’s two-phased battle between the you and the King of Puppets, one of the most entertaining bosses, and battles as well. From a wide-ranging Drag assault to a  forehand and backhand combo, the King sets up his opponents’ defenses by pulling his arm back. Moreover, if you get in his way when he’s doing the Side Jump, he’ll reposition himself and will make sure that he has landed his fury upon you.

Now, as the second phase begins, a wave of assault will be unleashed. Attacks like the Drill Hands, Tornado Spin, Double Arm Smash can be blocked but at a huge cost. So you should really focus on practicing parrying over and over. At the end of the day, King doesn’t disappoint. You will be rewarded with a Burnt-White King’s Ergo, a Puppet Prince’s Formal Dress, and Someone’s Necklace. God knows whose.

3. Simon Manus

Simon Manus in Lies of P

Third on our list takes on Simon Manus, the Awakened God, also a two-phased antagonist. Keeping your distance would be the prime suggestion against him to get out of the range of the Fury attack, and the Leap Attack. Moreover, you will often see him initiating Overhead Swing to back off 2 steps to deliver another deadly melee attack that will force you to run and hide.

And then comes the second phase where Simon will be awakened the God mode. Needless to say, this form is ready to unleash a wide variety of new attacks. However, you can evade his Pillar attack simply by stepping out from his line of sight. Moreover, his gestures with a gust of wind will come from the front and strike upon you. All you have to do is, keep moving just to avoid his heavenly strikes. And finally comes the Hand Smite that makes his hand grow for a smack assault. And after quite a rumble, you will be rewarded Fallen One’s Ergo and Arm of God.

2. Green Monster of The Swamp

Green Monster of The Swamp in Lies of P

Located in the Barren Swamp, the Green Monster of the Swamp has earned the second position for its overall design and attacking patterns. It seeks to defend its nest and devour the abandoned puppets. Starting with the Backhand Floor Swipe, and Decay Swipe, this swamp monster has some more unique attacks up on its sleeve.

All you need is a perfectly timed parry against the Backhand Floor Swipe or better dodge. And there comes the Smash, which is a full-body slam to the ground. Moreover, it can use its Antennae as a whip, so you might want to dodge this one as well. And in Lies of P, needless to say, this green monster will take the ultimate test of your patience.

1. Nameless Puppet

Nameless Puppet of The Swamp

In Lies of P., Geppetto’s Nameless Puppet is the greatest obstacle you can come across of. This mysterious creature comes with a two-phased test with varying challenges. Swing, Double Swing sequence, Uppercut Swing, Jump Attack, Sword Thrust, and Sidestep are just some of the attacks that you will face in the first phase.

In the second phase, Nameless Puppet will give you everything it has to make you nameless. His attacks get more complex and time-sensitive, which has to be countered with well-thought-out countermeasures. You need to become adept at dodging the puppet’s attacks and launching counterattacks. Without a doubt, the Nameless Puppet is the ultimate test in Lies of P, a brilliant example of Geppetto’s skill and the biggest challenge to face.

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