Lies of P (LOP): How To Upgrade Weapons

Abir Hasan
By Abir Hasan
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Make the ultimate Weapon build for Pinocchio!

Lies of P has the souls-like fans all pumped up, fighting terrifying puppets to save Krat City. This action RPG requires players to give their all to defeat the bosses, and most of the time, it requires multiple attempts. But the game may not be as difficult for players who make the best use of the plethora of weapons available in Lies of P. In order to keep progressing in the game, upgrading this weapon is a must.

But upgrading weapons in Lies of P may seem like a challenging task at first sight. Players need to follow some specific steps and fill in some requirements to be able to upgrade weapons in the game. Also, finding the resources and materials needed for the upgrades can be difficult for many. So, this guide will give players ways to upgrade weapons in Lies of P.

Upgrade Weapons in Lies of P (LOP)

At first, players need to unlock the weapon upgrade feature in the game. After defeating the first boss, players need to go to Hotel Krat and make their way to the ground floor. To their right, they will find Eugenie, who will act as the weapon blacksmith throughout the game. She’ll convey all the information related to the Upgrade mechanics. From there, players will be able to upgrade their desired weapons and increase their Physical ATK.

Lies of P: How To Upgrade Weapons
Image Credit: Neowiz Games

Regarding the process of upgrading weapons, two types of resources or materials are needed for normal weapons. The materials, Ergo and Hidden Moonstone, are required in specific amounts for each level of weapons.

For example, to upgrade a weapon to level 2, it will require 230 Ergo and 2 Hidden Moonstones. They can be collected from enemy drops and chests throughout Krat. Hidden moonstones can also be collected by defeating bosses. In the case of Special weapons, either Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant or Full Moonstone of the Covenant is required alongside Ergos.

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