Lies of P: How To Unlock P-Organ Nodes

Abir Hasan
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Unlock P-organ nodes and gain abilities to defeat bosses with ease!

Lies of P is regarded as a Souls-like game for its dark setting and, most notably, for its difficult gameplay. If you wish to defeat the formidable bosses and progress through the main story, you will have to keep upgrading your character. And the P-Organ feature in the game facilitates all the character upgrades. This feature is essentially a skill tree system that organizes the abilities and buffs into several tiers and phases. Mastering this system is compulsory to acquire newer and stronger abilities.

The P-organ system contains a number of P-organ nodes organized in a list of five gradual phases. You’ll need to unlock these nodes to acquire new skills and abilities for your character. Moreover, unlocking a specific number of nodes will unlock the next phase. Furthermore, you have to be aware of which nodes to unlock, as the material required for slotting is limited in the game. This whole process can sometimes be confusing for players. So, without further ado, learn how to unlock P-Organ Nodes in Lies of P.

P-Organ Nodes in Lies of P (LOP)

The P-organ system needs to be unlocked in the early phases of the game. At first, you will need to defeat Scrapped Watchman in Krat City Hall (Chapter 2) and then go see Gepetto in his workshop on the second level. After having a chat with Gepetto, you will need to interact and sit on the chair to the left of his desk. This will activate the P-organ system in Pinocchio.

Lies of P: How To Unlock P-Organ Nodes
Image Credit: Neowiz Games

After activating the P-organ, you need to start unlocking nodes to acquire new abilities and effects for your character. For this, you will need to collect quartz (the material needed for filling the slots in the P-organ nodes) from different locations throughout the city.

Each P-organ node contains a number of slots that need to be filled with quartz to equip a specific ability according to the player’s type preference. Then, you need to choose an ability from the given choices and then fill in a Quartz to equip that skill. By filling all the slots in a node, you will unlock new abilities and effects that help in the character’s progression. Unlocking at least two such nodes will let you have access to the next phase’s nodes.

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