Lies Of P (LOP): List of All Characters

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Lies of P Characters List

Find out more about the characters that will appear in Lies of P.

Lies of P is a souls-like action RPG game developed by Neowiz Games. It is based on an Italian novel, The Adventures of Pinocchio, by Carlo Collodi. Here, you will play the role of Pinocchio, a humanoid puppet out to explore Krat City, encountering dangers along the way. The world is full of puppets, and only a few survivors are left. As a post-apocalyptic area, the city is unsafe, and you will face many mysterious characters throughout your adventure.

Your role, Pinocchio, is not like other puppets, so when he encounters Sophia, she insists that Pinocchio must rescue his master, Gepetto, who is the creator and knows how to save the world from the hands of uncontrollable puppets. Thus, your adventure begins. Let’s get to learn more about the characters who you are going to come across in Lies of P.

List of Lies of P Characters


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Credit: Neowiz games

Pinocchio is the main protagonist in Lies of P. He is a puppet who wants to become a real boy. His creator gave him the power of lying, which he can use to achieve his goal, and he should not trust anyone easily. Geppetto made him very exceptional, and he thinks Pinocchio holds the power to rescue the world.

Mr. Geppetto

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Credit: Neowiz games

The next character that gets in our eyes is Geppetto, the creator of Pinocchio. He is a brilliant engineer. This character has quite a darker presence in the game, which is very intriguing. Geppetto claims he made Pinocchio someone Special. The game begins with the quest to find Geppetto, as he knows how to stop the puppet rebellion.


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Sophia is a mysterious, magical being who guides Pinocchio through the adventure. She is gorgeous and appears to be like a “Blue fairy“. She can help Pinocchio transform into a real human being.

Miss Antonia

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Credit: Neowiz games

The owner of the Hotel Krat, Antonia, is known to be the secret holder of the city of Krat. She is also an old friend of Geppetto. She seems to have a plague-like disease that shows on her face.


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Credit: Neowiz games

People call this character “The Prince of High Society” or Mr. Krat. His information has yet to be discovered, but he looks pretty cunning.

Simon Manus

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Credit: Neowiz games

Simon is the leader of the Alchemists. He is an NPC who will later become a Boss in the late game. He is dangerous so Sophia will warn you about him.


She plays the role of a vendor where you can modify and upgrade your weapons. She used to bully Pinocchio in school days for being a brilliant student.


This one is a lantern that will accompany and escort Pinocchio on his quest. Sophia, the Blue Fairy gave this lantern to him. Gemini assists the player by providing advice and details about the surroundings.

You will get to know many other characters as the story progresses. Inside Hotel Krat, there is a cat named Spring, and you will meet this cat in many different places as well. You will also meet Pulcinella, a personal puppet of Antonia. There will be many puppet enemies to fight with. Even though the puppets are the main danger in the world of Krat, you must be very cautious. You can not trust the remaining human survivors, as they may hide their true intentions and are out there to kill you.

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