Lies of P (LOP): Best Ways to Get More Pulse Cells

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Credit: Neowiz Games

Pulse Cells are the healing item for Lies of P. You can gain extra pulse cells in a couple of ways. Here, we will list how to get all the pulse cells in the game.

Lies of P takes the role of Pinocchio and makes a dark, dystopian, soul-like game out of it. In this universe, the puppets have gone rogue and rebelled against their masters. You will be playing this game’s version of Pinocchio and discovering the truth behind everything. But settings are not the only thing this game has to offer. It also has great gameplay to back things up.

Being a soul-like game, you have your basic souls-like combat and equipment. In this game, the healing charges are called Pulse cells. Since you will be playing as a mechanical puppet, the name rather fits with the whole world-building aspect of things.

As you progress through the game, you will have the option to increase the number of pulse cells you can have at one time. All of it is done by the P-Organ skill tree. Here we have broken down all the upgrades you need to make to get the maximum number of Pulse cells in Lies of P.

Pulse Cells in Lies of P (LOP)

Pulse Cells are what you will use in Lies of P to heal yourself during combat. It is the healing charge of the game. And you start with 5 charges of it. But you can gain 5 extra charges through different upgrades. Having more healing charge means you can keep fighting for longer. So, it is never a bad idea to have more of them. Here is what you need to do to gain all the extra charges:

  • Extra Charge 1: Get “Increase Pulse Cells 1” from the first phase P-Organ.
  • Extra Charge 2: Get “Increase Pulse Cells 2” from the second phase P-Organ.
  • Extra Charge 3: Apply “Increase Pulse Cells 3” at level 3 survival type upgrade to any P-Organ Perk.
  • Extra Charge 4: Apply “Increase Pulse Cells 4” at level 4 survival type upgrade to any P-Organ Perk.
  • Extra Charge 5: Apply “Increase Pulse Cells 5” at level 5 survival type upgrade to any P-Organ Perk.

This way, you will have a total of 10 pulse cells at your disposal. And if you run out of pulse cells, you can play aggressively to get a pulse cell back if you can hit your attacks without getting hit. So there are a lot more options for you to survive and come on top for an encounter.

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