Lies of P (LOP): All Quartz Locations

Abir Hasan
By Abir Hasan
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Image Credit: Neowiz Games

Finding Quartz won’t be a difficult task anymore.

The Neowiz Games-developed action RPG Lies of P is officially out, and players are slowly figuring out its complex game mechanics. Also developed by Round8 Studio, this soulsborne has amassed positive reactions till now. Players have liked its complex obstacles and the dark setting. The producers have made sure the game has lots of variations in the factors needed for the development of the character. To survive in Krat, players must continuously upgrade their character’s abilities. And to ensure that players need a variety of resources and modes of currency.

One such limited resource or currency in Lies of P is Quartz. This material is used to upgrade the P-Organ system, which adds new abilities to the character. The upgrade of the P-organ is crucial for the character’s progression in the main story. But players might find it challenging to locate all the available Quartz in the game. So, this guide will provide players with All Quartz Locations in Lies of P.

All Quartz Locations in Lies of P

Lies of P: All Quartz Locations
Image Credit: Neowiz Games

At first, players will have to unlock the P-organ system to make use of the Quartz. To unlock P-organ system,

  • Players will need to defeat Scrapped Watchmen in the Alchemist Bridge and 
  • Save Geppetto and return him to Hotel Krat

Generally, Quartz are obtained by defeating certain enemies or completing specific objectives. Below are the locations of All Quartz Locations in Lies of P-

  • Abandoned Apartment / Arche Abbey Broken Rift
  • Arche Abbey Broken Rift
  • Arche Abbey Outer Wall
  • Arche Abbey Upper Part – Internal Bridge
  • Ascension Bridge
  • Barren Swamp (You can find Three Quartz here)
  • Barren Swamp Bridge
  • Barren Swamp – Hermit’s Cave
  • Estella Opera House Entrance
  • Hotel Krat
  • Inside The House On Elysion Boulevard 
  • Krat Central Station Platform
  • Krat Central Station Street
  • Malum District
  • Malum District Town Hall
  • Relic of Trismegistus Entrance
  • Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert
  • St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel
  • Workshop Union Culvert
  • Workshop Union Entrance
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