LootBoy Esports drops Bubak after Anti LGBTQ+ and Racist rant on Twitter

Adiba Chowdhury
By Adiba Chowdhury
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Credit: Bubak

After posting a series of Anti LGBTQ+ and Racist tweets, the professional Fortnite player claimed that his account had been hacked.

On June 20th, Bubak – who formerly represented the Esports organization LootBoy – asked his fifteen thousand followers on Twitter if they support the LGBTQ+ community. He then replied to his own tweet, denouncing the community with slurs.

As usual, when a professional Esports player sparks controversies, the organization representing them has to take quick measures. LootBoy addressed the issue on their Twitter handle on June 21st, stating that their investigation and discussion with Bubak led them to believe that Bubak’s account had been hacked.

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However, their response was not taken well by people. Some even went as far as calling their decision “embarrassing”. Although Bubak’s account being hacked could explain the series of hateful speech, the explanation was less than convincing to most.

After being met with a negative response, LootBoy Esports issued another statement, declaring their decision of severing ties with Bubak. The statement reads:

“We have completed our investigation concerning our player Bubak about questionable tweets and him allegedly being hacked. After speaking to Bubak, we have come to the joint decision to part ways.
At LootBoy Esports we celebrate openness and tolerance. This incident has shown us the importance of these values and that we need to improve communication and password safety among team members.”

Bubak Responds

Bubak also confirmed the news on his own Twitter account. On June 22, Bubak took to TwitLonger to apologize to his audience. He stated:

“I am sorry. My actions were simply not good enough. To put it simply I was childish. To think I have such a large community and let everyone down through panic and desperation is beyond me, I am better than that.”

Bubak also apologized to LootBoy and thanked them for their support. He ended on the note that he will be taking a break from social media to self-reflect on his actions.

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