Loki is coming to Fortnite this July

Fortnite has officially confirmed Loki to be a part of Fortnite’s Crew Pack for July.

The God of Mischief is less than a week away from visiting Fortnite Island. Loki Skin will be part of the Fortnite Crew Pack for July 2021. Fortnite Crew is a monthly subscription pack where players receive an assortment of special items every month. The Crew Pack includes 1000 V-bucks, new skins, and accessories.

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As exciting as it is for players to be able to play Fortnite as Loki, this is certainly not the first crossover Fortnite has had with Marvel. As a part of a cross-over with Marvel Avengers, Fortnite previously introduced skins of Avengers such as Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, and more.

However, the actual Loki skin has not been revealed yet. That’s why we still don’t know what it might look like. As we all know, Marvel’s Loki is currently being aired on Disney+, which has brought around more hype for the beloved character.

Considering the timing, there is a chance that the Loki Skin will be based on the show. As a result, we may not see Loki in his Black and Green Asgardian armor. Instead, the Loki Skin could be of him in his TVA Variant uniform.

Update: Loki Skin Revealed

If you wish to get the Loki Skin for yourself, you must be subscribed to the Crew Pack subscription service. That’s because Fortnite will not be selling the Skin separately. In addition to the items mentioned before, the subscription pack will also contain this season’s Battle Pass. You can get the Crew Pack Subscription for $11.99 USD per month.

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