Loading Time for Fortnite Revealed on Next-Gen Xbox Series X

Loading time for the popular battle royale game Fortnite has been revealed on the next-gen console Xbox Series x.

The Xbox Series X/S will both be out on November 10th. Some reviewers were given early access to the Xbox Series X. One of them was Tom Warren who is a Senior Editor at The Verge. He recently published a video showing the time it takes for Fortnite to open up and load into a game on the Xbox Series X.

Microsoft previously claimed that loading times for Fortnite on the Xbox Series X and Series S will be significantly faster than previous-gen consoles. Tom Warren tested out the claim and revealed the loading time for Fortnite on the next-gen Xbox Series X.

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Fortnite Loading Time on Xbox Series X:

In the video published by Tom Warren, we can see he launched Fortnite on the Xbox Series X. He launches Fortnite in the video, and after loading everything was inside the battle royale lobby within 38 seconds.

We can subtract some seconds from this time as Tom Warren took about 2 seconds in the beginning to launch Fortnite. There was also the time he took to select his profile. So that makes the loading time around 35 seconds. It took him approximately 11 seconds to get into a solo match after finding the match. That is also significantly faster than before.

The previous generation Xbox consoles took more than a minute to load into the game at the very least. So this is a very significant improvement. The fact also remains that Fortnite is not fully optimized yet for next-gen consoles. Once the full optimization is out for Fortnite Xbox Series X might load Fortnite in under 20 seconds.

The future looks promising for the next-gen consoles and the loading time will only diminish with each new generation. Someday we might even have instant loading time for games.

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