List of current bugs that are plaguing Apex Legends right now

Respawn please fix them asap

There are so many bugs that are plaguing Apex Legends right now that it is really hard to fathom all that.

Reddit user Zombtroll made a list of all the known bugs that are still in-game right now as of season 4. There is also a list of bugs that are collected from the comments of that Reddit thread.

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List of all known bugs

  1. Gold barrel stabilizer currently adds muzzle flash and smoke, making it the worst barrel stabilizer in the game.
  2. Grenades sometimes are not equipped properly, needing you to go into inventory to select them.
  3. All heals while holding the sentinel have a delay before using, making players need to change weapon to heal quickly, this is most notable with shield bats.
  4. Mirage’s decoys do not deploy while skydiving or deploy far behind mirage.
  5. Dying while in beast of the hunt causes permanent black and white screen.
  6. Supply bin loot is difficult to pick up.
  7. Sometimes leaving a match can take over 30 seconds to begin to connect to lobby.
  8. Footstep audio is extremely inconsistent. Sometimes friendly footsteps are ear-piercing other times enemies can be running right in front of you and you hear nothing.
  9. It is much more difficult to land bullets with a Sentinel than any other sniper. (Possibly due to smaller bullet size.)
  10. Some of the new lava areas on Worlds Edge do not allow the player to fly back to land, constantly pushing them off the map until they die.
  11. Low profile characters take health damage from drone EMP while they have an Evo shield equipped
  12. Revenant has a large hitbox yet is classed as ‘low profile’
  13. Survey beacons are unbelievably ear piercing when used. Like I’m talking 4 times louder than a grenade blast.
  14. Gibraltar healing after dome shield has dissipated leaves him healing at a full-length time without an onscreen indicator telling how much time for heal is left.

List of some extra bugs

  1. Bangalore’s “Target Practice” emote causes orange visual glitch permanently on screen. (LukeAsArts and Pomlkab)
  2. Evo Sheild doesn’t display the correct shield level for teammates when the shield is lvl1. (PUSHAxC)
  3. Lifeline drone not connecting to players properly and constantly disconnecting. (PUSHAxC)
  4. Knocked players having full movement speed. (PUSHAxC)
  5. Connecting to the wrong game mode after switching and readying up too fast. (Havoc_Ryder)
  6. ADS while using the sentinel and Wattson’s “Silver Age” skin causes costume to clip into view on bottom left of screen (APater6076)
  7. Full Backpack often says there are open inventory slots when looting, though this is not true. (APater6076)
  8. Slow servers (kirkF35) (I’ve had this happen too, mainly on PS4 ranked playing on Tokyo servers, It’s never happened to me on Singapore or Sydney servers though)
  9. Players loading into games missing teammates (rreapr)
  10. Thermite clipping walls/doors/etc may still be in-game (rreapr) (This certainly still happens with caustics gas but I didn’t want that in my OP)
  11. Inconsistent digital threat optic when shooting through Bangalore’s smoke (rreapr)
  12. Inconsistent reload animations after performing actions that stop animation. Gun should be nearly ready to fire, instead must do entire animation again.
  13. Players being able to select legends they have not purchased while all other legends are locked (-Nujabes-)
  14. unusable ‘Ghost’ grenade staying in players hand after all grenades have been thrown. Happens often after throwing last grenade while using zipline. (LaxLapo)
  15. Switching users on Xbox does not give ranked deserter penalties. (LaxLapo)
  16. Clicking Return To Menu from settings menu does not give ranked deserter penalties (LaxLapo)
  17. Lobbies spawning outside the dropship causing massive ball of light and more ear-piercing noise. (Cool_Ass_Crocodile)
  18. Crypto being kicked out of drone after he uses EMP. Game states, “Drone has been destroyed.” However this is not the case.
  19. Melee sensitivity on the R3 button (console) is too sensitive. (CJMoorgnates) (I see this all the time, enemies, teammates and myself are always air-punching causing us to lose fights.)
  20. Melee hits not registering (BiggestForts)
  21. Pathfinder Ziplines not deploying/not attaching (BiggestForts)
  22. Deathboxes falling into lava/OOB areas (BiggestForts)
  23. Optics do not automatically equip to secondary weapons when secondary does not have an optic (This isn’t a glitch but there should be an option to allow us to equip to secondaries)
  24. Wraith Infinite tactical glitch still works. (MirkwoodRS)

This list is only viable for the current version of the game. And most of them will be ironed out by Respawn in form of patches. Hopefully, Respawn will be vigilant in squashing these bugs as soon as possible.

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