LightSabers are back in Fortnite and Players aren’t happy

Lightsabers are back in Fortnite and players aren’t happy about it returning.

May 4th is tomorrow and Star Wars fans all over the world celebrate it as Star Wars Day.

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Now a little bit of history of how May 4th came to be Star Wars Day. We all know the famous line from Star Wars movies, “May the force be with you”. It was punned and said in this way, “May the 4th be with you”. Star Wars fans took the opportunity and started celebrating May 4th as Star Wars Day. Later Lucasfilms and Disney accepted the day as Star Wars Day.

Fortnite has also decided to celebrate the day by bringing back Lightsabers. They also brought back Star Wars skins in the item shop.

Today Fortnite tweeted on their official twitter letting players know the Lightsabers are coming back once again.

Although the Lightsabers are back for a limited time of 48 hours players are not too happy about it.

Many of them consider The Lightsaber a weapon that requires zero skill. Although some Twitter replies are positive there are many that are shunning Epic’s decision to bring the Lightsaber back.

A twitter user by the name of M4x1ifishy(145) had this to say about adding the Lightsaber back into the game.

Another user Declared that she will not be playing Fortnite until the Lightsabers leave the game.

The popular Fortnite Youtuber I Talk [email protected] had a very neutral response to the Lightsabers being added back into Fortnite.

Overall as far as it seems casual players are happy that The Lightsabers are back once again. But competitive or serious players don’t really like the idea of adding an item that can block all shots and doesn’t require aim.

There is also a lot of positive feedback from Players because Epic added Lightsabers back into the game.

Twitter users by the name [email protected] said this in support of The Lightsaber being added & BANANA [email protected] Shared this Meme in response to the previous post.

Item Shop Update:

Fortnite also tweeted about the Star Wars skins coming back to the item shop.

So overall it seems some players like the Lightsaber being back in Fortnite and some players do not. But it shouldn’t be too much of an issue since they are only gonna be staying for 48 hours.

I think it’s a great time to jump into a game of Fortnite try it out with your friends and have some fun before they are gone again for a long time.

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