Life Is Strange: True Colors Guide: All Important Choices From Chapter 4, Romance Options, and More

Spring Festival begins. We are here to provide you an extensive guide on how to be the life of the party; so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Chapter 4 – Flicker starts off with the much-awaited Spring Festival. Alex has arranged a meeting with Pike to hand over the flash drive with all the evidence they need to bring down Typhon. All there’s left to do now is to enjoy the show. It is also the time to choose whom you want to romance between Steph and Ryan. Here is a complete guide to all the major choices from this chapter, the missable interactions, and more.

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Chapter 4 – Major Decisions

Tell Riley About Eleanor or Keep Eleanor’s Confidence

Tell Riley About Eleanor or Keep Eleanor's Confidence

After getting to the festival, you can read Eleanor’s emotions and ask her about Riley. If Riley has not yet found out about Eleanor’s condition, you will find her at the Bus Stop at the end of the Flower Bridge. It seems that Riley is finally leaving Haven to pursue college. You can either tell Riley about Eleanor’s dementia, which will make her stay in Haven. Or you could hide the truth and let her go pursue her dreams.

We have found that Keeping Eleanor’s Confidence is the best way to go, as Eleanor will support you during the council meeting in Chapter 5. However, if you tell Riley about Eleanor, she will not support you in chapter 5, hurting Alex.

Sign the Affidavit or Risk Taking Pike’s Fear

Sign the Affidavit or Risk Taking Pike's Fear

After the festival is over, Pike arrives. But to Alex’s dismay, he is not on the right side. He arrests Alex and explains the charges Diane has placed on Alex for computer fraud and theft. However, as the conversation goes, Alex realizes that Pike is terribly afraid of something. After reading his emotion, you learn that he does not wish to be one of Typhon’s victims, as a result, he is too scared to fight against them.

Now, the end result of both options is the same, except if you sign the affidavit, he will be too afraid to support your claims in the council meeting. So the no-brainer option here is to risk taking Pike’s fear, so that he supports you and takes a stance against Diane in chapter 5.

Romance Options

The time has finally come to choose your partner. And this game has only two: Steph or Ryan. All the choices you made at obvious flirtings up until now come into fruition in this chapter. Steph and Ryan were both Gabe’s best friends and now yours too, by this point. And through your interactions with both characters up until now, you should decide on whom you want to choose. In order to trigger a romance, pick a rose from the cart and give it to the person you like the most.

Romance Options

You can find Ryan beside the stage with the audio controls, and Steph at the DJ booth. Whomever you give the rose to will invite you on the roof after the festival. However, if you choose to avoid getting in a romantic relationship with either of them, you can simply choose to Hug the person, instead of going for a Kiss and maintain your friendship with them.

Chapter 4 – Missables

How to guess the exact number of Beans

Interact with the guy trying to guess the number of beans in the jar. He will ask you to guess a number to help him win the competition, pick 800. Now, read the emotions of the lady at the counter, and realize that she is starting to get nervous.

Interact with the guy again, and tell him you have changed your mind, and the number of beans should be closer to 700. Now, read the woman’s emotions again, and she will start worrying about you guessing 731. That is the correct answer, so tell the guy and help him win a hundred dollars to buy treats for his dog.

Helping Duckie

At the far end of the Black Lantern hangs a photo with emotion, and in the billiard room, Duckie is sad. Read his emotion and you’ll learn that the reason for his sadness is someone named Tabitha. Try to talk to him about her, but he will refuse to talk about it. Read his emotions again and then the glowing objects: a bear, a table, and a jukebox.

It turns out that Tabitha was Duckie’s wife. Talk to him again. You can choose all the dialogue options and at the end “Dance”. Alex will turn on the same song that Duckie danced to with his wife, and invite him. Doing so will help win Duckie’s favor in Chapter 5’s council meeting.

Matchmaking Two Friends

You will often find a girl and a boy hanging out by the dispensary throughout the course of the game. They also participate in Chapter 3’s LARP and guide you towards the Deadly Serpent. If you read their emotions, you’ll know that they’re both head over heels for one another but don’t have the courage to confess.

In chapter 4, once you are free to explore, head on to the main street and towards the marijuana dispensary. You will find them there, so just read their emotions, interact with them and say that they two make a cute couple. Doing so will give them the nudge towards confessing to each other, becoming a couple.

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