Life Is Strange: True Colors Guide: All Important Choices From Chapter 3, LARP Guide, and more

We will be discussing all the major decisions you can take in the third chapter of Life is Strange: True Colors, how to successfully finish the LARP, and more.

After confronting Mac in Chapter 2, we learn that although he lied about not getting Gabe’s call, there is a larger villain at play. Typhon not only ignores his request to call off the explosion even after learning there are four people in the mountain, but also threatens him to keep his mouth shut about receiving Gabe’s call.

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Chapter 3 – Monster or Man starts off with the three friends’ quest of learning more about Diane’s involvement in this decision and spends a significant portion of the chapter on the Live Action Role Play / LARP that Steph arranges for Ethan. Here we will be covering all major decisions in this chapter, and provide a guide for the LARP.

Chapter 3 – Major Decisions

Steph or Ryan

Steph or Ryan

As Ryan tells Steph about Alex’s powers, the trio decides on learning about Diane’s true feelings regarding Gabe’s death and to get evidence of her involvement. In order to distract Diane, Steph will ask you to choose the “hotter distraction”. Now, the end result of choosing either one is the same. However, we advise you to pick whomever you wish to romance. As the person you choose will feel flattered at the thought of you finding them attractive, and the other person will be bummed.

Take Charlotte’s Anger or Leave her Alone

Take Charlotte's Anger or Leave her Alone

After you visit Charlotte in her workshop and read her emotions, you can interact with the four sculptures around the room to learn about her blaming Gabe, Alex, Ryan, and especially Ethan for Gabe’s death. Seeing Charlotte hate her own son in anger might make you feel like taking her anger is a good thing to do, but that is not the case. We have learned that it is best to Leave her Alone as she will apologize to you for her outburst during Chapter 4’s Spring festival and stand up for you during Chapter 5’s council meeting.

In case you do decide to take Charlotte’s anger away, she will act like an emotionless ghost during the festival and act detached during the council meeting in Chapter 5, not caring enough to vote. Moreover, transferring her anger to Alex will result in Alex breaking Gabe’s Foosball Champion vodka bottle upon learning about the contents of Diane’s USB. This will cause Steph to walk out of the room, straining your relationship with her.

Chapter 3 – Missables

Helping the Student

If you have played the Jukebox game with Steph in Chapter 1, you will notice that the second song in the playlist is missing. When chapter 3 starts and you have talked to Steph and Ryan, read the emotions on the girl sitting in the booth behind Steph and studying. You will learn that she cannot concentrate and misses a song. Speak to Jed, but it won’t help. Talk to Steph to learn that the song is called Alabaster Daydreams by Think of the Children and then speak to Jed again. You will find the CD beside the cash register behind the bar.

LARP Guide

All Stone Locations

  • Gullweather’s Tavern (Black Lantern Bar) – In a small chest behind the bar’s counter
  • Magpie Emporium (Steph’s Record Shop) – Trade with Steph for 1 Magic Fish Scale
  • Troll’s Champion Belt – Defeat the Troll near the Flower Bridge

How to Solve Jester’s Riddle

You will find the Jester right outside the park (the King’s Summer Castle), waiting with a riddle. You will not have the answer to his question right away, so visit Jed’s bar first. You will find a bloody scene, and Duckie dressed as an Old Gnome. Head to the back end of the bar, and you will find the names of the stones on a tattered scroll hung up on a wall beside the wooden bear. The stones’ names are Belin, Nira, and Desys. Return to the Jester and give him the answer, and he will drop a hint that the Troll can be bribed for 4 gold coins. If you have enough gold coins, you can avoid getting in a battle with the big Troll.

How to get the Scale of a Magic Fish

When you visit the Black Lantern bar, interact with Duckie the Old Gnome on your way out and exhaust all dialogue options. He will give you a bell, which can put serpents to sleep. Head towards the alley beside the Marijuana Dispensary, where you will be warned by a couple about a Deadly Serpent. You can either fight it or use the bell to put it to sleep. Once you have defeated the serpent, you will obtain a shiny scale of a magic fish. Take it to Steph and exchange it for the second stone.

How to Help the Blacksmith

The Blacksmith outside the Record Shop will complain about not remembering the ingredients required to forge a certain weapon. Head inside the record shop or Magpie emporium and read the scroll beside the door. The ingredients are listed there. So all you need to do is go outside and talk to the Blacksmith again. He will give you a Scroll of Advantage as a reward.

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