Legends of Runeterra: How to fight against Ledros decks

A lot of players don’t seem to understand how Commander Ledros works or how to counter him in-game. EasyCollin explained in this guide how Ledros works and how to counter him.

Ledros Mechanics

Currently, Ledros rounds up for all health totals when regarding damage. If you’re at 19 health it will deal 10 damage, if you’re at 15 it will deal 8. Further, if you’re at 1 it will deal 0.5 damage rounded up, meaning yes it kills you at 1. He also has a last breath effect which returns him to the controlling player’s turn when he dies. Further, he is fearsome which means he can’t be blocked by a unit with less than 3 attacks. All of this adds up to make a pretty amazing (if a little too strong) card. An often overlooked detail is Ledros is not a Champion.

How To Deal With Ledros

You might be surprised that Ledros does have a few counters and some of them are quite strong. They exist in 4 regions being Shadow Isles, Freljord, Demaica, and Piltover.

  1. Shadow Isles

The SI counter to Ledros exists in the unassuming card of possession. This 5 mana slow spell allows you to steal a follower from your opponent. This means, for a turn, you can have Ledros on your side of the board. Why this is important is that last breath triggers for the controlling player. This means if you can kill Ledros before the end of the round, he’s yours! Neat right? Some ways to do this are cards like Soul Absorb and Glimpse Beyond. An important note is that Empheral triggers after the end of the possession effect so you must attack with him in order for him to die on your side.

2. Freljord

The Freljord counter exists in the card She Who Wanders. This 10 mana 10/10 follower features a unique keyword not seen on any other card, Obliterate followers with 4 or less in play and in hands. Obliterate reads as follows, Completely removed from the game. It does not trigger the last breath and can’t be revived. This means that if you frostbite Ledros and obliterate him, he will be completely removed from your opponent’s options. This is, however, a 10+ answer so it can be hard to make work and isn’t available until 2 turns after Ledros is. Some cheap options for Frostbite’s effects are Flash Freeze, Shatter and Iceveil Archer and any card that can Frostbite while on the board. Important to note frostbite is not the only way to reduce his power to 4.

3. Demaica

Demaica’s counter exists in its unique mechanic of Silence. Silence, while not stated as a keyword, exists in Demica in 2 cards, Purify and Mageseeker investigator. Purify is a 2 mana spell that reads, Remove all texts and keywords from a follower. Mageseeker investigator is a 3 mana 3/3 that removes the text and keywords from a follower provide a spell was played this round. These cards remove keywords and text from followers, turning Ledros into a simple 8 mana 8/6.

4. Piltover

Piltover’s counter exists in its unique keyword of Transform. Transform, while not stated as a keyword, turns one follower into another. It exists on 2 cards being, Shady Character and Hextech Transmogulator. Shady Character is a 4 mana 1/1 follower than when played transforms into another follower. This means if your opponent plays Ledros, you can play 1 right back for 4 mana less. Hextech Transmogulator is a 6 mana fast spell that lets you transform a follower into a different one on the board. If cast on Ledros you will essentially remove him from the game by replacing him

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