Legendary Support Player Mata Announces Retirement

fomos.kr reporter @kenzi131 has confirmed that the legendary support Cho Se-hyeong aka Mata, has announced his retirement.

Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong has announced his retirement on 15th by posting on Facebook. He said,

“I’ve ended my career as a pro-gamer after 2019.” “Thanks to many team members and secretariats throughout the SKT, I was happy to have a great opportunity experience.”

mata facebook retirement
Source: Mata’s Facebook

Mata started his professional League of Legends career in February of 2013 as a support player in MVP Ozone. He later played in Samsung White, Vici Stand Gaming, Vici Gaming, RNG, KT Rolster and finally ended his career in SK Telecom T1.

He won Worlds playing with Samsung White where he became the owner of the Thresh skin. Over his 7-year career, he has won 3 LCK championships, 1 LPL championship, and 1 World championship.

With Mata’s retirement, all the legendary players from Samsung White have officially retired!


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