LEC Summer Split Preview

The LEC Summer Split is set to start tomorrow and we bring you our preview of the split including power rankings and some key matches to watch on the weekend.

LEC was a banger of a split to watch in Spring with a lot of upsets and a surprising split winner in MAD Lions. Coupled with some other disappointments in the playoffs, the LEC did not stop there. Coming into this split, there were significant changes made to the teams and every team is geared up to make a playoff push. Let’s talk about these teams by ranking them and dissecting who could possibly be in the playoffs and potentially the winner of the split.

Before we start with our power rankings, we did talk about the LEC changes that were made in the mid-season. If any of you are interested, please check out this link for our analysis of the changes. Let’s move on to the power rankings.

Power Rankings

With the LEC getting just 3 seeds for Worlds 2021, the stakes are higher for these teams. Having said that, there are still some great teams that will be vying for a spot at Worlds. Hence, no team in the playoffs can afford to slip up. Our power rankings will be based strictly on past performances and roster on paper given significant changes were made to some team. Hence, without further ado, let’s dive into it.

1. G2 Esports

Even though G2 did not win Spring Split 2021 and did not reach the LEC finals even, 1st may be a stretch to people. However, G2 were not at the peak they were expected to be last split. It seems the integration of Rekkles may have delayed their rise to the top of the LEC. Regardless, there is very little argument to be made that this team is the strongest roster in the LEC. They have two MVPs on their roster along with some really good players on other roles.

To add to that, they will highly motivated to win the split this time around. However, there are still some question marks with the team, particularly on the side of Wunder’s performances. He has to step up as a player and that will be key for G2 to have success. Given they have been scrimming and practicing during MSI, they should be prepared to kick off their Summer Split campaign. How better to kick it off than to potentially beat the Spring Split 2021 champions, MAD Lions.

2. MAD Lions

Given they won the last split and had a very good performance at MSI, some people would be surprised that we put MAD at 2nd in this list. However, the difference between them and G2 is razor thin in our opinion. MAD have shown they are perfectly capable of being a very tough team to beat. They pushed DK to 5 games at MSI Semifinals and they have shown some real signs of improvement particularly with Carzzy stepping at MSI compared to the LEC playoffs.

This roster is extremely talented and has the capability to unseat G2 once again in the split. However, there are some valid concerns with the team. The players, particularly Armut, are not very versatile with their champion pool. As the meta changed at MSI and continues to change as patches are released, adaptability will be a big key for the team. Their early game has been variable at MSI depending on game to game and that is something to work on as a team.

Also, they did not get much of a layoff and have reportedly started scrimming later than other teams due to MSI. The question is how ready will they be at the start of the split. Whether they have practiced enough to add champions to their pool is one to look out for. MAD will have to prove once again that they are indeed the best in the LEC. Also, it will not be easy for any team facing against them going forward.

3. Rogue

RGE will be 3nd in our list and hardly anyone can argue against that. Rogue has been one of the top teams for the past two years and they have taken strides in improving themselves as a team. However, what sets them below G2 and MAD Lions is when it comes to the moments that matter most. Rogue have shown the inability to close out games in the playoffs and Game 5 of the LEC Spring Split Finals comes to mind.

MAD deserves the credit to win that series but Rogue fumbled that badly by losing in a reverse sweep. Although, there should be no doubts about Rogue performing in the regular season. They have shown time and time again that they are a great regular season team. With them, all that matters is success in the playoffs and if they do not perform well in this upcoming playoffs, questions will be asked and changes will need to be made.

4. Team Vitality

Given how the roster changes have shaped up, Vitality looks like the 4th team given their current personnel. Having acquired players like Selfmade from Fnatic and LIDER, and already having Crownshot on the team will make this team better than they are last split. However, given how many changes they have made, it will be a tough split for them. They will need some play time together to create synergy amongst each other going forward.

Furthermore, SLT is an unknown quantity and Selfmade will need to be a better version of himself this split. There is a lot for this team to prove going forward. Personnel wise, they are a strong team on paper and that is the reason they are 4th on our list.

5. Fnatic

Fnatic is 5th on our list and is not higher for one reason only, the unknown in Bwipo jungle. With jungle being such a pivotal role and Bwipo roleswapping, there is so much uncertainty with Fnatic going into the split. The Adam pickup is an excellent move going forward. What Fnatic will need to answer this split is whether the jungler change will improve their team or not.

The coaching staff certainly believes in it and so does Bwipo. Either way this goes, Fnatic has options going forward and this is the split for Bwipo to maybe reinvent himself at a different role.

6. Misfits Gaming

Misfits are an underrated team going into this split. They have very solid players in their roles but they lacked consistency and ability to close out games last split. With a new coaching staff, they will want to change that. If they manage to shore up those issues, this team is a playoff caliber team. They have all the right parts to be contending for a playoff spot and all that remain is for them to prove they deserve one.

7. Schalke04

It’s no surprise that S04 is 7th on this list on the back of their offseason moves. Not only do they sell Abbedagge to 100 Thieves, but they also benched Gilius. To replace both of them, they promoted Nucleurint from their academy team and acquired Kirei from GamersOrigin. What the poses is an unknown quantity in the mid lane and a veteran who has been in the LEC before without much success.

If this team wants to get any success, it has to be all on Dylan Falco coaching up the team and BrokenBlade. Their work is cut out for them given what they need to do and prove. However, it will be a tough battle for them as the league has gotten stronger while they have gotten weaker.

8. Astralis

Astralis lands at 8th on the list and they have a lot to prove as a team going into the split. WhiteKnight is great at what he does and MagiFelix has been a solid acquisition for them in the middle of last split. Where it all comes down to is the improvement of Zanzarah and the bot lane. Promiseq and Jeskla have much to prove and so does Zanzarah.

They did not have particularly great splits and with so much uncertainty in the league this split, this would be the best time to show what they are made of. Here is to hoping they do improve and possibly contend for a playoff spot.

9. Excel Esports

This team did not do very well last split and now they are back with changes that sort of make them worse. That is simply because of their mid lane changes. Bringing in denyk and giving him a shot is a good thing but changing Czekolad after one split with Nukeduck is a downgrade. Astralis let go of Nukeduck for a reason and XL going down this route is baffling. Dan did not have a great split last time around either so he will have to step up. If they do not perform well, this might be the last time we see Patrik on this team. Nevertheless, XL looks like a rudderless team going nowhere at the moment.

10. SK Gaming

To thing SK was a solid team last split and was in the playoffs playing against Fnatic. Now, they drop to 10th going into this split and everyone following the LEC knows the reason by this point. To roleswap your rookie of the split candidate from Support to Jungle is crazy. Not only that but they also bring back their coach Jesiz as their Support.

At first this seemed like a really weird situation as to why SK did this. As time passed, it seems they were looking to change their jungler later into the signing window but did not have enough time. To speculate, something must have gone wrong with TynX in the team to have made such a decision. Unfortunately, we will not hear about it so we will have to wait and see how the team does. For us, we don’t hold much hope for this team but there are some great players like Jenax in the top lane that does give some promise to this team going forward.

Must Watch Games This Weekend

There are many great games upcoming this weekend. Without further ado, let’s jump into it.

  • MAD Lions vs G2 Esports: The opener of the split and a match to watch given one team being the best team in last split and the supposed best team in the LEC.
  • Team Vitality vs Rogue: Second game on Saturday will be the first test for this new Vitality roster against Rogue.
  • MAD Lions vs Fnatic: Last game of Saturday featuring Fnatic and MAD Lions, should be a great one.
  • Rogue vs Fnatic: Last game on Sunday with another great game ending the week.

Fnatic is going to have a tough start to the split and MAD will have to start well to keep up with the other top teams. Rogue will always be a great regular season team and G2 will be hungry to reclaim the throne.

With all that said, LEC will kick off tomorrow and it will be a fun split to watch as G2 vs MAD starts off the Summer Split.

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