Leaks suggest CoD Warzone is getting a new map

Recent leaks have suggested what is coming to CoD Cold War season 1 including a new map for Warzone.

Warzone has been around for 9 months being one of the biggest hits of 2020 both as a battle royale and a multiplayer. However, Warzone only has one map and players have been playing on the same map ever since. Although there were rumors that Activision would release something along with the Cold War, it is still missing.

But, recently a Twitter account name Call of Duty Warzone News had leaked some content for Cod Cold War season 1 which includes a new map for Warzone. The account shared a picture leaking the name and design of the map. The low-resolution image is found to be saying Call of Duty: Warzone Rebirth Island.

This map could be potentially leading to something new and here is a theory of how. The Cold War has a different gun lineup and everything else which are not to mention from a different timeline too. So, it makes sense to make a new map where all the Cold War guns, cosmetics, and skins will be used since Warzone’s current map uses everything from Modern Warefare right now.

This map is yet to be confirmed officially but Activision is threatening to sue/copyright strike everyone that leaks any information prior to the release. 2020 has been a great year for CoD and this map would add to that success.

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