Leaked “Killing Time” game mode might be what Apex Legends needs right now

As we are slowly approaching the new season 11 of Apex Legends, leakers are revealing more information surrounding the upcoming update.

According to the leaks, a new game mode called “Killing Time” will be announced shortly after the release of season 11 on November 2nd, 2021. Respawn tends to experiment on different limited-time game modes to keep the player base more engaged.

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While most of them don’t amount to anything, some do stand out for their unique gameplay mechanics. For example, the shadow royale game mode that comes up every Halloween has been praised by both old Titanfall veterans as well as newcomers to the franchise as this is the only game mode where players can use wall running in the game.

Also, the shotgun and sniper rifle-only game modes also stand out from the crowd as they provide a unique twist on the base gameplay loop of Apex. And the upcoming allegedly leaked game mode “Killing Time” has the potential to become a fan favorite.

Killing Time Game Mode Explained

The killing time game mode is really similar to the default battle royale game mode. However, the event will speed up the match as legends fall. In short, during a round, whenever a legend dies, the round time will be reduced. As a result, if a given round turns out to be a massacre, the ring will be closing in real quick.

Meaning players have to keep an eye on the round timer at all times as well as the ring in this game mode. This type of speed-up zone timer game mode isn’t inherently a new idea even for Apex as we have seen some variation of this in a past limited time game mode.

But this mode will fix the current problem with the game where some matches feel too slow as most players die at the start of a match. This simple modifier could fix all that and keep the gameplay tense from the moment you join a match till you are the last player standing.

Some players within the Apex community are now urging Respawn to implement this modifier permanently to the base battle royale mode to spice up the basic gameplay formula of Apex Legends.

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