Leak suggests Kings Canyon might get another overhaul with season 8 of Apex Legends

Respawn has a tendency to make major changes to maps with each seasonal update to spice things up for players in Apex Legends.

A good example of that would be when Respawn actually removed fan-favorite Skull Town from the Kings Canyon map as it was overshadowing their effort to create more creative places for players to enjoy in the game.

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In addition to all the character-themed town takeover events, seasonal map updates often come with so much change both visually and functionally that it sometimes changes player’s play patterns. And it always becomes a point of contention among the community.

A recent leak from a pretty prominent data miner in the Apex Legends’ data mining scene suggests Respawn might be planning to give Kings Canyon another overhaul. As with each new update with Apex, the data miners usually starts to dig through the game files in order to find something interesting.

Apex Legends Kings Canyon season 8 update
Image via Respawn

Kings Canyon Overhaul season 8

And turns out, there are some strings in the game files that hint at another map update for Kings Canyon. There is a good possibility that fans will be able to witness these changes within season 8.

However, take them with a grain of salt, as these are all still leaks. Respawn usually likes to work ahead in time to avoid crunch during the last few weeks before release. So, these changes mentioned in the game files might not arrive as soon as fans of the franchise might want. Furthermore, things can still change at the very last moment.

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Despite all that, another map overhaul for Kings Canyon sounds really exciting. Exactly how it will look like is really hard to tell from mere strings found in the game files. Based on their previous map-related updates, we can all still hope they might add another place like Skull town in the future.

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